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Poll Watcher Training

Posted: December 20, 2013 at 11:58 am   /   by   /   comments (0)


Election  Integrity Maryland recently announced that a poll watcher training webinar is now available on their website.  Through the site, they now have the ability to train up to 100 poll watchers a month!  You can read more about Poll Watching and view the webinar below.

Poll Watching

One of the ways a Maryland citizen can help ensure election integrity is to be a Poll Watcher.  Poll Watchers observe voting procedures at polling locations on election days and report irregularities.  To be a Poll Watcher, you must be a registered voter in Maryland and have a Poll Watcher Certificate.

2014 Poll Watcher’s Incident Report   

Election Integrity Maryland provides an Incident Report form to assist poll watchers in recording and documenting any possible irregularities that they may observe. Individuals may download the Incident Report here. 

Poll Watcher Training   

We offer Poll Watcher training for anyone, regardless of party affiliation.
Our training is based upon guidelines issued by the Maryland State Board of Elections.  Upon successful completion of our training program, a person may then volunteer for a candidate or organization authorized to issue a Poll Watcher Certificate.

Start poll watcher training here.