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Chairman's Message


Posted: March 2, 2014 at 7:43 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

MichaelHiggsThat is our theme for the 2014 Elections: End One Party Rule. We have witnessed firsthand the disastrous effects of one party rule in Montgomery County. The Democrats, left unchecked, have used our taxpayers as their personal financiers for lavish spending on special interests while ignoring the pressing needs here at home. For every dollar that a Montgomery County resident sends to Annapolis in taxes, only 18 cents is returned to Montgomery County. The Delegates and Senators we send to Annapolis are as unaccountable to the voters as the Democrat leadership of Mikes’ Miller and Busch are to those same Delegates and Senators. Montgomery County gets used and abused by this one party rule, and it’s time for that to end.

In my short time as Chairman, I have been approached by several Democrats, including prominent Gubernatorial and County Executive appointees, who told me that they are rooting for me to succeed. They are not ready to switch party affiliations just yet, but they are united in their desire to see an end to one party rule in Montgomery County and the State of Maryland. We can all agree that corruption is going unchecked; that a lack of accountability is producing shoddy results; that narrow special interests are winning out over the needs of our families and our businesses.

Toward that end, I am pleased to announce that the Montgomery County Republican Party is adopting as its slogan for the 2014 campaign season, “END ONE PARTY RULE”. We encourage all of our supporters to share this message with their friends and family. END ONE PARTY RULE is a message that will resonate with the people.

Our dynamic new District 16 Chairman, Marvin Finley prepared some data about our new slogan that I would like to share with you:

  • This slogan has been used successfully in the past by candidates in other locales with a similar registered voter ratio as ours.
  • It poll tests VERY favorably – over 90% for Republicans, 70% for Unaffiliated/Independents, and 50% for Democrats.
  • It takes into account studies that have shown you MUST convince a voter within ten seconds whether to vote for you or not.
  • It forces your opponent to defend the indefensible – a one-party system.
  • It’s short, pithy, easy to remember.
  • It allows our candidates to represent a grassroots cause.
  • It makes the election a referendum on entrenched power.

Coincidentally, the man who successfully became Governor of Virginia using a very similar strategy is the guest speaker at our upcoming Lincoln Reagan Dinner, Jim Gilmore. Mr. Gilmore won the Virginia Gubernatorial race in 1997 running on the pithy slogan, “End The Car Tax!” He remained focused on that singular message that resonated so successfully with Virginia voters, and it carried him to victory.

So as we capture the attention of Montgomery County voters with our new slogan, END ONE PARTY RULE, we can then turn to a discussion of the issues that are most important to our electorate, Taxes, Jobs, the Economy and Education. We have the ability to show how one party rule has led to runaway tax increases, loss of jobs to more competitive states, a runaway budget, and a school system that is no longer the envy of the region.

The time is now; together we can END ONE PARTY RULE!