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Chairman's Message

Call for Precinct Captains

Posted: April 12, 2014 at 9:30 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

MichaelHiggsEach issue of this Newsletter brings us 2 weeks closer to Election Day in November; the day where we can END ONE PARTY RULE!  But in order to reach our lofty goals, we need your help now, not just on Election Day.  We need people willing to do more than just listen to talk radio, more than just complain about excessive taxes and government intrusion into our lives.

We need brave citizens that are willing to talk to their friends and neighbors about the issues that are important to us.  We need patriots that are willing to help organize their voting precincts and get out the vote this fall.  Our District Chairs have a blueprint for victory, but they cannot do it without your help.  Won’t you please consider volunteering your time and talents to your District Organization?

The Central Committee hosts a Precinct Training seminar on the first Saturday of each month at our headquarters in Rockville.  We can show you how to get lists of Republican voters in your precinct, find out who has (and who hasn’t) voted in recent elections, and help you gather all of the tools necessary for a successful election.  Unless we work hard to get out the vote for our fine Republican candidates, we will not succeed in our quest to END ONE PARTY RULE!

Please reach out to your District Chair and ask what you can to to help us win in November.  Thank you for your dedication to this important cause, and God bless the Republican Party!

 District Chairman for LD-14

Patricia Fenati, [email protected]  – Bill Hale, [email protected]  – Larry Lauer, [email protected]

District Chairman for LD-15

David Drake, [email protected]

District Chairman for LD-16

Marvin Finley, finley[email protected]

District Chairman for LD-17

Steven Zeller, [email protected]

District Chairman for LD-18

Joan Pleiman, [email protected]

District Chairman for LD-19

Martha Schaerr, [email protected]

District Chairman for LD-20

Katie Hollad, [email protected]

District Chairman for LD-39

Bill Mc Caffrey, [email protected]