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Chairman's Message

The MCGOP Needs Your Help!

Posted: July 20, 2014 at 9:31 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

MichaelHiggsI hope that all of you are enjoying your summer. While so many are enjoying their picnics, vacations and family outings, the Montgomery County Republican Party is busy gearing up for the election in November. Our candidates are going all out for victory, and I could not be more proud.

Among the events I attended over the past two weeks, I was thrilled by the reception our District 14 candidates received in the Damascus Parade. Frank Howard’s team in particular is extremely well organized and dedicated to victory. In District 16 I attended a fundraiser for Rose Li, and the enthusiasm her campaign is generating is downright infectious. Rose is connecting with our Chinese ex-pat community in ways that will benefit Montgomery County candidates for years to come. I was also honored to join County Executive candidate Jim Shalleck, to throw out the first pitch at a Bethesda Big Train baseball game. Aside from my perfect strike (*smile*), I was most pleased that the crowd was so receptive to our message of ending one party rule in Maryland. A big thank you goes out to our newly resurgent Young Republicans for organizing the baseball event … keep up the great work!

Now we need YOU to get involved:

  • Please attend a fundraiser for one of our excellent candidates; we have two great events detailed in this newsletter: one for Sharon Begosh and another for Jim Shalleck. Other fundraising events throughout the fall will be listed on the calendar on our website.
  • We are going to need lots of enthusiastic volunteers to help us staff our tent at the upcoming MoCo Agricultural Fair as we meet with voters to introduce our wonderful candidates and spread our message of ending one party rule. See the link below to sign up for this event.
  • Your Central Committee is spearheading the effort to create and distribute sample ballots for the election. Everywhere we go, we run into people who are fed up with the actions of our leftist lawmakers, but they are too busy with their jobs, families and activities to find out about the various options available at the polls.
  • We need to raise money for sample ballots that will

(1) capture the attention of low information voters

(2) explain the difference between the entrenched tax-and-spend partisans and our   candidates who will cut taxes and spending  to benefit families and businesses

(3) inspire them to make informed decisions at the polls in November

  • Please support this important voter education effort by making a donation today.
  • Thank you so much for your time and attention, and I hope you all enjoy the remainder of this issue of our newsletter. See you out on the campaign trails!