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Chairman's Message

Montgomery is Pivotal to Victory

Posted: August 3, 2014 at 11:30 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

MichaelHiggsOver the past two weeks I have attended meetings with several representatives of the Hogan for Governor campaign. Often repeated at these meetings was how important Montgomery County is to the Hogan team’s strategy for victory in November. Underscoring the campaign’s commitment to our county, there will be a Hogan Victory Center opening in Rockville in the next week.

Speaking with Larry last night at the annual Cavey Pig Roast in Hampstead, I heard first hand from the Man himself that we will be seeing a lot of him over the next three months. Internal polling data shows that our governor’s race will be one of the tightest in the country, and it will likely be won or lost in Montgomery County. We are ground zero for this pivotal election, and if we are to END ONE PARTY RULE then we must hold the line.

Keep an eye out in future issues of the MCGOP newsletter for more details about how you can get involved. We will be organizing sign wavings, door knocking, phone banking, literature drops, and more. We will soon be announcing fundraisers dedicated to filling the coffers of the Hogan for Victory in Montgomery account. This money will be dedicated to getting out the vote right here in Montgomery County, something that will be a tremendous advantage to our fantastic candidates down ticket.

Please come out and join us at the Ag Fair this next week. This event presents us with a wonderful opportunity to share with our fellow MoCo residents the virtues of the Republican Party and the benefits to be had if we END ONE PARTY RULE. Come out and stand with our candidates, and do your part. It’s about time we sent some Montgomery County Republicans back to Annapolis; Larry’s going to need their help!