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Chairman's Message

Departure of the Worst Attorney General in Our Nation’s History

Posted: September 28, 2014 at 7:22 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

michaelhiggsAs we note the departure of the worst Attorney General in our nation’s history, we dare not celebrate, as his replacement will undoubtedly be an extreme progressive ideologue. We know this because there is a single party in control of the Executive Branch and the US Senate, and that party is being led by the far left.

We can easily spot the parallels to our situation in Maryland that result in unreported scandals, unprosecuted corruption and graft, and unequal justice based on group identity. When one party is left in charge of making, enforcing and interpreting the law, all too often the ends start to justify the means. And the ends of our ideological opposition seek to strip away our individual liberties, and leave us dependent on an all-powerful, benevolent (or so they say) government overlord.

Sitting idly by countenances their actions. We have lost elections here in Montgomery County by less than the number of Republicans who chose to stay home rather than show up to vote. All too often we hear Republicans say things like, “Why should I vote — my vote doesn’t matter here.” That sentiment is WRONG and it needs to be stamped out. All of our votes count; we do make a difference. Enthusiasm has never been lower among our opponents. They are not raising the money to which they have become accustomed. Election victories are there for the taking … are you willing to work for it?

I stopped by the Hogan Victory Center this past Thursday evening and came away impressed with what I saw. There were a dozen volunteers at any given time making phone calls to potential voters on hi-tech
computer-based calling systems that make volunteering easier than ever before. On a day when the Hogan campaign made a push for call-a-thons at all of its Victory Centers, our center on Rockville Pike
made more calls than any other center. Our local candidates also need your help passing out literature
and reminding voters that they have a real choice at the ballot this November.

If you want to END ONE PARTY RULE then you need to do something about it! The time is now. Are you going to take advantage of this opportunity, or are you going to wonder what might have been? If you don’t know how to get involved, contact one of the candidates, reach out to one or more of the Central Committee members from your District (their emails are below on the right). While I thank you for your support, I must ask that you do more.