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Chairman's Message

This Too Shall Pass

Posted: February 22, 2015 at 10:17 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

michaelhiggsI know it feels like this winter will never end, but spring will be here before we know it. Maybe that optimism comes from having spent most of last week in Florida (it was really hard getting on that plane to come back!) but the polar vortexes and snow squalls will soon be giving way to tulips and song birds.

Like our winter weather, the legislative session in Annapolis will not last forever either. The People’s business for the year is being done right now. I urge all of you to pay attention to the updates from our Republican legislators and the MCGOP Legislative Affairs Committee. We must get involved in the process, as we CAN effect change. Just as we banded together to get Larry Hogan elected Governor, we can move the legislative needle to help get his agenda passed.

Please call your delegates and senator (and other people’s representatives also!) and tell them that we should not tax the rain (the only state in the union to do so), that we should not have automatic gas tax increases into the future, and that we should not fund transit projects that are boondoggles for developers and bad for taxpayers. A majority of Marylanders delivered a clear message that we are taxed too much and have a government that is inefficient and unresponsive to the real needs of its citizens. Make sure you keep delivering that message to our elected representatives.

Speaking of being taxed too much, Governor Hogan is showing real leadership with his proposed budget. Do not let the under-informed and partisan left dictate the terms of discussion on this issue. Maryland’s budget was on an inevitable course toward disaster. We were spending money we didn’t have, while chasing away the businesses, jobs and earners needed to pay for everything. The proposed budget doesn’t cut school funding as much as it reduces the amount of growth baked into previous unsustainable budgets.

That said, we should be looking at school funding at all levels, from elementary to university, to find out where there is fat that can be cut. Like every bureaucratic institution, there is invariably some waste and/or some level of inefficient management that can be addressed. We should not cut teachers or school construction, but we should take a long hard look at administration and middle management. We should not let the talking points of the Left deter us from doing what is right.

Please get out into your communities and join local civic groups, Chambers of Commerce, neighborhood organizations, etc. and help to spread the values that we all hold dear; that market-driven competition, responsible and efficient government, and individual liberty are the cures for what ails our state.

Thank you, and do try to stay warm!