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Dwight Patel, 1st Vice Chairman

Posted: May 13, 2015 at 6:15 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)
Dwight Patel is and Architect, IT Guru and New Media Rock Star.  In addition, Dwight was elected to the Montgomery County, Maryland Republican Central Committee (MCRCC).  Dwight was also elected 2nd Vice Chairman of the MCRCC.  In 2016, Dwight was elected 1st Vice Chairman.  In 2017 Dwight was named MDGOP Technology Chairman.

He has served on several key committees with the MCGOP. He served as Tech Committee Chairman which spearheaded the new website redesign, moved towards SharePoint for cloud based document sharing, and updating the computer hardware at the MCGOP office. He has also served on the Communication Committee, Lincoln Day, Reagan Day, County Convention and Finance Committee.   Dwight was designated a delegate for Marco Rubio for President, by the Rubio Campaign.

His views of modern technology for business and politics is stay a head of the curve, let other catch up to you, don’t play catch up.  Dwight invests in technology upgrades for himself, he is always willing to push the envelope further and further.  He believes all should be using as am in social media, Twitter, Facebook and LinkdIn.  However, he believes that folks should make use of other social media options like; Reddit, Quora, Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram and others.

Dwight has a MA in Architecture from the University of Maryland and BA in International Affairs from George Washington University with a specialty in Central European and Middle Eastern Security.  Works at his family business and resides in Bethesda with his family.

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