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The Season Begins!

Posted: May 31, 2015 at 10:14 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Martha Schaerr

marthaAs summer begins and events are held throughout Montgomery County, we hope you will join us in holding up the Republican flag.  Governor Hogan has led us admirably for the past year as he campaigned, won the election decisively and then worked to keep his campaign promises. As I write this, optimism abounds. New volunteers are gathering and their positive energy is moving us forward.  Here are a few highlights of our current activities:

Great Events

Brad Botwin, Events Chair, reported that his team at Rockville Hometown Holidays recruited 25 new volunteers!  Voters who have avoided Republican booths in the past are now eager to talk.  He is recruiting volunteers for numerous summer events which will be posted on the website calendar frequently.  Please join us whenever you can!

Pat Fenati, Sharon Begosh, Larry Lauer, Joe Gillin, and their team marched in the Olney Day parade, also gaining visibility for the GOP.

The Montgomery County Agricultural Fair will take place on August 14-22 this year.  Many volunteers are recruited—and needed—for this week-long event.  Please plan to spend some time volunteering at the fair.


Nick Peang-Meth, our Youth Outreach Co-Chair, reported that 10 new high school Republican clubs are being formed throughout the county.  Nick and his associates are well-informed, articulate advocates who are already changing the landscape here.

New groups for Hispanics, black, and business outreach groups have been formed by some of our eager new activists, and their progress will be reported in the next few weeks.  If you are interested in joining one of these groups, please contact us at [email protected]


Legislative districts are meeting to coordinate efforts for campaigns that don’t follow legislative district boundaries, e.g. congressional districts and local jurisdictional races.  Although the MCGOP can’t officially support GOP candidates before the primary, this coordination will help us all get to know the candidates and volunteers throughout these districts.

Campaigns will eagerly seek volunteers from these experienced groups, and we can all make more informed choices and be ready to campaign vigorously after the primaries.  Governor Hogan won several of these districts, which means they are winnable for other fine Republican candidates.  Now is the time to get involved!

Headquarters Improvements

We are making a final push to pay off the mortgage for our headquarters.  In addition to the mortgage, the space also needs some updating.  Please consider making a contribution toward this important effort to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the MCGOP by improving our headquarters.

Come and join us this summer as we work to END ONE PARTY RULE!!