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An Embarrassment of Riches

Posted: August 7, 2015 at 10:11 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

michaelhiggsBy Michael Higgs

I had the distinct pleasure of attending the MCGOP’s debate watch party on Thursday with over 65 of our friends and supporters. Aside from the excellent food and a great debate, I was so pleased to see so many new faces at the event. This demonstrates that we are expanding our Party and bringing new energy and enthusiasm into the fold. Speaking of enthusiasm, we were fortunate to have John Solomon, Editor of the Washington Times, as our special guest speaker. He provided exquisite analysis of the race, and fielded several questions from our audience about that and the newspaper business. Thank you for all who showed up, and for the hard work of our Central Committee volunteers who made the evening so successful.

And what a debate it was! I was blown away at the depth of experience, and the articulation of conservative principles, that were on display during both debates. How can we go wrong with any of these fine men and women up against such a dishonest opponent that we are likely to face next November? If you have one candidate that you like more than all the rest, I encourage you to contact their campaign and sign up to volunteer. Let’s let them know that they have support here in Montgomery County, and they should devote resources toward reaching our 122,000+ registered Republicans.

The MCGOP debate watch party concluded with the reading of the results from our completely unofficial straw poll.

With attendees choosing their top three candidates out of the field of 17 declared nominees, the results were:

1.) Scott Walker   2.) Donald Trump   3.) Ted Cruz   4.) Carly Fiorina   5.) Jeb Bush

For the record, the result of 1st choices only was:

1.) Donald Trump   2.) Ted Cruz   3.) Scott Walker   4.) Jeb Bush   5.) Carly Fiorina