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Support Our Board of Elections Team!

Posted: September 27, 2015 at 10:01 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

michaelhiggsBy Michael Higgs, MCGOP Chairman

Our Montgomery County Board of Elections (BoE) team is suffering an unrelenting assault from the entrenched Left-wing establishment media and politicians over its well-reasoned decision to emphasize geographic diversity in the county’s early voting center selection process. At issue is the BoE’s recommendation to replace early voting sites in Bethesda and Burtonsville with sites in Olney and Potomac. The Left is organized in its tired efforts to demonize Governor Hogan’s appointees to the BoE, issuing the usual, thinly veiled accusations of racism and voter suppression. The Montgomery County Council is attempting to coerce the BoE members appear before it (Thursday, Oct. 1, 9:30 am, 7th Floor), even though it has no authority over the Governor-appointed Board whatsoever. If you can make it, please show up and provide support to our under-fire Republican friends.

It is disingenuous to argue that the Burtonsville site is somehow sacrosanct and untouchable. It was only first used for early voting in 2010. So before that, were the good people of Burtonsville, in Democratically controlled Montgomery County Maryland, disenfranchised and unable to exercise their rights to vote? No, of course not. Did you know that the site they are fighting so hard over is heavily used by residents of PG County? Voters in Montgomery County’s northeastern sections had to drive significantly longer distances than voters along our southern and central corridors. By spreading our early voting sites out around the county, we are reaching out to a rapidly expanding area and making the early voting process more convenient for more of Montgomery County’s citizens.

There is also a misperception about how the sites are actually chosen. The Montgomery County BoE merely votes to recommend the 9 early voting sites to the State Board of Elections, who will make the final decision regarding which sites are selected. Yet the onslaught against our friends continues. Please share your thoughts on social media, write letters to the editor, and tell your friends and neighbors that you support our Republican BoE team. We cannot be cowed by the Left’s false outrage and despicable name-calling.

As always, thanks for your support!