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Lesson Learned

Posted: November 8, 2015 at 5:47 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

sandyBy J. Alexandra Tuttle

Almost two weeks ago, my friend’s son was stabbed – 5 times – after leaving a “respectable establishment” in what most would consider “a safe part of town.” He was medivaced to a local hospital for treatment.   After surgery to stem the loss of blood and repair his injuries suffered, he lay in his ICU hospital bed for several days. He is a good kid by all accounts, who was simply stepping in on behalf of a friend, who was being harassed. The attacker is still on the loose. Wrong place, wrong time, perhaps, but there is much more to this story yet to be told – one which increasingly seems to play out on a daily basis across America.

One can postulate ad nauseam about what went so terribly wrong in the attacker’s life. Were violent video games numbing his soul? Was it drugs or alcohol abuse that induced such a violent rage? Did this person have an untreated mental health issue? Were mom and dad not around because they’re too busy working to pay their taxes and provide for basic necessities? Did the school, already heavily laden with “parental responsibilities,” fail this attacker?  What about the effect of the media and their constant coverage of all that is negative and bad?

Most chilling, perhaps, is that he just did not care – and at some point, will be diagnosed with an anti-social personality disorder defined as the hall mark of a “pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others…” That being the case, no amount of medication in the world could have fixed him.   Society lost him long ago.

Lack of moral leadership, coupled with inflammatory rhetoric by our political “leaders,” sends terrible messages to people. Lawlessness, chaos and political correctness run amok.   Add in the open season on police officers and we have the “perfect storm” brewing.

More likely than not, it was a myriad of factors. Whatever it might be, acts of evil have almost become normalized as society becomes increasingly numbed by horrific acts. Perhaps even more disconcerting is that the threshold for such heinous acts becomes more tolerable– “At least he wasn’t killed,” I said quietly under my breath.   But his life has changed.

If knives were banned, then he would not have been hurt – where are the political leaders on the issue of these dangerous weapons? Perhaps it is the person wielding the knife who is dangerous? If the police had been there, this tragic situation could have been averted – but it isn’t possible for them to be everywhere all the time. In fact, several years ago, I was surprised to learn that on any given night, there really are not that many police out on patrol covering Montgomery County.

One wonders what is left when it appears that evil triumphs over good – it wears on the psyche after a while. Feelings of helplessness can take over. Who or what can we depend on, if not ourselves? To that end, I resolved to start boxing, learning some great self-defense techniques, while getting back into shape. Several months ago, I received my handgun qualification license. Range time is hard to fit in, but I am back on it – especially in light of what has happened.

Intellectually, we all know that bad things can happen anywhere, anytime, even in areas that are considered safe. That lesson hit home for me two weeks ago.

The question is, if something like this happens to you, will you be prepared?