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Frank Howard: 6th District Congressional Candidate Charts Path to Restore Core Values and Unite Americans

Posted: March 25, 2016 at 1:31 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Dan McHugh

Frank HowardAt a time of great disunity and second-guessing about how the Republican Party is going to handle the Presidential nomination, Frank Howard, a candidate for Congress in Maryland’s 6th District, has developed an agenda that unites conservatives across a range of issues.

For example, everyone agrees that our harmful tax code has a lot to do with holding back our economy and jobs.  That’s why current and former GOP presidential candidates all had proposals to reform the code and lower the overall burden.  Mike Huckabee proposed a fair tax, based on consumption.  Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Rand Paul pushed for a flat tax where everyone pays the same rate and returns can be filed on a post card or smart phone.   Donald Trump, John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina would collapse the current seven brackets and lower marginal rates.

Frank Howard’s plan is designed to reform the tax code over five years in order to measure the effect on government revenues and provide a realistic outcome for Congress.   In year one, Howard collapses brackets and reduces marginal rates.  Next, he implements a flat tax.   And finally, he explores the merits of a fair tax.   In between those reforms, the effects of each tax change are measured by the Congressional Budget Office.  Bold tax reform is possible, but Howard realizes the importance of having a plan.

Without a plan, America can expect more corporations to re-locate overseas, fewer small business start-ups, anemic economic growth of 2%, more 26 year-olds living in their parents’ basements, and the continued decline of our great country.   Frank Howard’s plan is to go to Washington and do exactly what Larry Hogan is doing in Annapolis while keeping in mind that the new governor and Congress must be strategic.  That is much easier for a governor than for Congress.  Congress should take a long range view of our tax code, but unfortunately it is not capable of doing that because it is a dysfunctional institution.

Howard believes that fiscal hawks, defense hawks, Libertarians, social conservatives, moderates, Tea Party supporters or non-supporters can all find some area of common agreement.  Case in point: Congress doesn’t work.  It fails to pass budgets and appropriations bills, conduct oversight over the executive branch and reduce our national debt.  No wonder they’ve had such a difficult time undoing Obamacare or reforming the tax code.  Even most members of the so-called “establishment” believe that America can do better.  But first, Congress needs to do better.  Frank Howard’s 10-point plan to reform Congress is on the campaign’s website at:

When it comes to national security, Frank Howard plans to realign our military to the threats we face today, not during the Cold War.   The prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran is unacceptable.  We lost our leverage with China to prevent North Korea from test-firing nuclear weapons.  Russia no longer takes us seriously and fights not ISIS in Syria, but defends the Assad regime.  Our most important ally in the Middle East, Israel, is largely ignored by this White House.  The Department of Homeland Security is more of an org chart than a mission-focused agency charged with securing our borders, identifying terrorist plots and protecting critical infrastructure.  Frank Howard’s campaign stresses the importance of reforming our military and homeland security departments. This is, at its core, a process that requires meeting goals and objectives for the threats we live in today.

There is no doubt that Ronald Reagan accomplished his objective of ending the Cold War.  The question today is, how do we defeat Islamic terrorists who want to blow up shopping malls, fly planes into buildings and kill their co-workers.  And how do we prevent rogue nations like North Korea and Iran from perfecting nuclear weapons?

Despite the existence of divisive issues such as abortion, Republicans can certainly agree on some core values.  All 17 current and former Presidential candidates are pro-life, and Frank Howard plans to work in the House of Representatives to advance a common-sense, pro-life agenda.   Almost everyone but the far left agrees, however, that the federal government shouldn’t pay for them.  Frank Howard says he will begin by advocating that the Hyde Amendment be enacted as permanent law, not a rider on other bills that may one day get dismissed by a partisan Democrat committee chair.  And he believes that Planned Parenthood has proven why they should not get one dime in taxpayer money.

Although the atmosphere that characterizes this election year is increasingly divisive, Frank Howard’s congressional campaign is focused on charting a practical path that restores our core moral values and unites Americans on the most important issues of the day – the economy, national security and making Congress relevant again.