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5 Reasons to Support Term Limits in Montgomery County

Posted: May 31, 2016 at 3:58 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Dan McHugh

Rockville:  “Our Term Limits proposal this November will end the tax increase specialist careers of Leggett, Floreen, Elrich, Leventhal and Berliner – the fondly named Foul Five!” – Robin Ficker

This statement was released after the County Council voted 9-0 to raise our property taxes 8.7% for the next fiscal year. Here are the top Five Reasons that the Foul Five needs to be knocked out of Rockville this November in the form of Term Limits!

  1. 8.7% Property Tax Increase for FY 2017
  2. Increased Recordation Tax will affect purchases and sales of homes in Montgomery County
  3. Ignored will of the people in Bethesda over Westbard Sector Plan
  4. In 2013 the Council voted themselves a 17 percent pay raise
  5. Raised property taxes for the schools that are getting rid of high school final exams next year in addition to lowering grading standards

All of these actions are a result of one-party rule, which is what we have in Montgomery County.

This November, let’s fight for change and knock these five tax increase specialists out of office.