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The Tax Hike You Probably Don’t Even Know Is Coming

Posted: June 15, 2016 at 8:30 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Kathy SzeligaBy Del. Kathy Szeliga Candidate for U.S. Senate

The tax man is coming, and many of you may not even be aware it’s about to hit your wallet. That’s because in 2013, then-Governor O’Malley and his friends in the state legislature passed a bill that would increase your gas tax every year. Since the time the law was passed in 2013, the tax has increased a whopping 42.5 percent – from 23.5 cents to 33.5 cents per gallon.

And unfortunately, the gas tax will only continue to increase in the future because Governor O’Malley created an annual automatic tax increase tied to the consumer price index (CPI).  In other words, Governor O’Malley enacted a tax that constantly increases on July 1st every year forever and ever.

I was in the State House when this legislation was passed. I voted against it and vocally opposed the bill for two reasons. First, I do not think we should force a $600 million a year tax increase on the backs of working families in Maryland. Second, I opposed this bill because it created an automatic tax increase that does not require elected officials to vote on it – meaning the people of Maryland are not able to hold anyone accountable for tax increases.

Since taking office, Governor Hogan has been able to not only balance the budget, but this year he did so without raising taxes – proving this is absolutely an achievable goal if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and make some tough decisions. Governor Hogan and I have tried to repeal this terrible gas tax, but the leaders in the Maryland House and Senate won’t let that happen.

I have started a petition to allow the people of Maryland to voice their opposition to automatic tax increases like the gas tax. If elected officials want to raise taxes each year, they should have to vote on it each year so their constituents can hold them accountable. And in the future, the government should never pass a tax that automatically increases and never has a termination date. Sign my petition today if you agree!