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What You Oughta Know About Living in their Utopian World

Posted: June 15, 2016 at 8:26 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By S. Alexandra Tuttle

As a resident of Montgomery County, you should now be in receipt of the “good news,” courtesy of your democratically elected state legislators. All in all, over 2,800 bills were introduced during their 90 -day state legislative session when your Democrat legislators were busy painting a picture of a utopian world that will exist because of their good works.  It is a false image, so let me tell you some things that “you oughta’ know.”

You oughta know that the Democrats said no to term limits, thus attempting to secure their positions in perpetuity.   For instance, take Senator Joan Conway Carter, who began her career in the Maryland state legislature prior to the turn of the century.   While turnover in the legislature does happen, it is expensive to mount a campaign against an incumbent – as we all know.   For example, a report issued by the National Institute on Money in State Politics noted that it cost approximately $56,142 per candidate running for a state assembly seat back in 2010.

You oughta know that Governor Hogan championed redistricting reform after a study showed that Congressional District 3 in Maryland was considered the most gerrymandered district in the country.  The Democrat- controlled legislature held a perfunctory hearing and the legislation died, thereby helping to once again secure and keep intact the Democrat monopoly in the legislature.

You oughta know that Democrats said “no” to picture identification or proof of citizenship when  it comes to elections, thus  continuing their efforts to compromise the integrity of the voting process.    Instead, they favored getting everyone who walked into a social services agency or university registered to vote and automatically put their names on voter rolls, unless they objected within a prescribed timeframe and manner – a watered-down version passed (Chapter 287).

You oughta know that your Montgomery County delegation assisted other Democrats in overriding the Governor’s veto of a bill to allow ex-felons to vote, even when they have not completed parole or probation – which to put it mildly, is a slap in the face to the victims.

You oughta know that your Montgomery County delegation pushed legislation that would have allowed noncitizens and 16 year olds to vote in Montgomery County local education board –“ a foot in the door” technique  to eventually permit noncitizens (including people who are here illegally) to vote on other local issues.  This is yet another attempt by the Democrats to compromise the integrity of the voting process.  Fortunately, these efforts were defeated in the legislature this time around.

You oughta know that Governor Hogan sought legislation that would provide relief from state sponsored mandates, which take away 83% of the state budget, leaving little money for other items.  Furthermore, under the governor’s legislation, mandated spending would increase only if revenue growth is 2 percent or greater than the prior December revenues estimated.  Your Montgomery County delegation was fighting to defeat this common sense effort by the governor, and in fact, introduced more legislation which would have required mandated spending.

You oughta know that your Montgomery County delegation pushed a bill that goes against the concept of a limited government that is beholden to the people.  This legislation (now Chapter 36) creates an oversight panel for the Maryland Transit Administration.   Decision-making on transportation projects shifts to a more central body with less regard for local representatives – or the wishes of the people.  The legislation also implements a scoring system which heavily favors mass transportation with less money going towards roads and bridges.   The governor vetoed this bill. The Democrat-controlled legislature overrode it.

You oughta know that your Montgomery County delegation with the rest of the Democrats want to do at the state level what they have pushed Montgomery County to do, namely  dictate to and force businesses with 14 or more employees to provide at least one hour of paid sick and safe leave for every hour worked.  Businesses with fewer than 14 employees are supposed to provide 1 hour of unpaid sick leave.  Obviously this is a wonderful thing for employees, but realistically it is not a business friendly bill.  It will raise operating costs on businesses and force them to forego expansion and hire new employees, thereby creating an environment where it will be increasingly difficult for people to find jobs – making our state less business-friendly.  It is possible that this issue could come up during a special session in 2016, according to reports from Mike Miller.

In sum, what type of utopian world does your Montgomery County delegation and the rest of the Democrats in the legislature want to create for all of us?  Let’s review: a state where businesses have difficulty expanding and hiring; runaway government spending; people beholden to politicians, where the government dictates to the people, and not the other way around; where citizens’ constitutional voting rights are violated; and where the wishes of the people are increasingly ignored.   This does not sound like a world I want to live in.

What about you?