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The Liberal Media Just Don’t Get It

Posted: July 26, 2016 at 6:08 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Deborah Lambert

Last week, The Washington Post published a piece titled “Minorities at the GOP Convention: An Uncomfortable Place to Be?” The only problem is that very few of the minorities interviewed were the least bit uncomfortable.

Take Alirio Martinez, for example. An activist and advocate for Republican values on the Central Committee, he is widely known in Montgomery County circles as a patriot and a “happy warrior.” Martinez and his parents emigrated from El Salvador legally when he was 13. While he was in Cleveland last week, the Germantown resident and alternate delegate to the GOP Convention explained to the Post reporter that it was his father’s first-hand experience with immigration issues while working as a painter that inspired him to support Donald Trump for president.

“I agree with him, and my parents agree,” he said, adding that “a lot of Spanish people agree, because people come and take their jobs. My dad couldn’t work anymore because people were coming from Guatemala and Mexico and charging less. He couldn’t compete with that, so he just retired.”

Martinez, who works for Rentals Unlimited, delivering heavy construction equipment to D.C. area job sites, also delivered a reality check to the Post, explaining that when the GOP presidential candidate mentions the illegal immigration issue, “he’s not talking about everybody who is Latino,” adding that “if you know what’s going on at the border, crime and everything, that’s what he’s talking about.”

Martinez added that “The funny part is that a lot of Latinos, my own people, they always talk trash about the other Latinos. They say, ‘Oh, this guy comes from Mexico just to commit crimes.’ I tell them, ‘You talk exactly like Trump. Why is it a racist thing? You see what’s going on and then you talk about it.’ ”

Today, when the biased mainstream press is misreporting and ignoring the facts more than ever, we are fortunate to have citizens like Alirio Martinez who stand up and speak truth to power, especially during an election year when the media are totally clueless about the reasons behind America’s call for change.