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Dr. Mark Plaster: Professional and Real World Experience for Congress

Posted: August 10, 2016 at 6:15 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Deborah Lambert

Born and raised in the Midwest, Dr. Mark Plaster married his college sweetheart Rebecca, and they went on to raise three children, who eventually gave them seven grandchildren. However, he is definitely not your typical politician and in a moment, you’ll understand why.

Dr. Plaster’s campaign website explains that he spent most of his life as an Emergency Room Physician, working the night shift in some of our nation’s biggest cities. After getting a law degree in Health Law, his unique blend of medical and legal training gave him the opportunity and credibility to publish a magazine, “Emergency Physicians Monthly,” which is currently the most widely read ER Journal in the industry.

In 2001 when Mark was 50 years old, he joined the Navy Reserves, became Lieutenant Commander Plaster and was soon deployed to Iraq leading a Shock Trauma Platoon during the first year of the invasion of Iraq. He was again asked to serve when he returned to Iraq in 2008, to provide humanitarian care for the Iraqi people and train Iraqi medical staffs.

Mark Plaster’s experience as an ER physician, veteran, lawyer and businessman mean that he is anything but a career politician. Rather than seeking to add another notch to his resume´, he wants to give a voice to voters and bring positive, proactive changes to Maryland. His professional and real world experience will benefit Maryland in so many ways, including:

  • National Security: As a Navy veteran who deployed twice to Iraq with the Marines, Dr. Plaster believes that we must maintain a trained and ready force, prepare the military for future missions, and ensure that military families are cared for to honor their service to our country. While diplomatic and economic measures should be used to address international disputes, the candidate says that “if armed conflict is necessary for the security of American liberty and our way of life, then the armed forces should have the resources, direction, and clear rules of engagement required to bring the fight to the enemy and win as swiftly as possible – in their homeland, not in ours.”
  • Immigration Policy: The U.S. has always welcomed immigrants who come to this country legally.  Dr. Plaster notes that “While those who seek freedom and the promise of the American Dream should still be encouraged to come to this country, the successful melding of diverse cultures is only possible when immigrants are assimilated into and educated about our country’s political principles, history, institutions, and civic culture. Yes, this is a nation of immigrants, but we should first be Americans, sharing the benefits, responsibilities, and the deep national pride that comes with citizenship.”
    Dr. Plaster believes that “securing our borders is the first step towards a workable  immigration reform plan. Increasing security at our borders and ports of entry is a top priority.  Since the federal government has continually failed to do its job, the Border States and governors are struggling to pick up the pieces because of Washington’s failure to enforce existing laws and work towards reform.”
  • The Economy: As a successful entrepreneur, Mark Plaster realizes that the heart of the American economic engine is small businesses. However, the government needs to reform and streamline regulations and the tax code so that the innovative, entrepreneurial potential of the American people can flourish.Dr. Plaster also believes that “the corporate tax rate must be reduced if America is to remain the world’s largest, most vibrant economy. Small community banks and credit unions are constrained by regulations that favor big banks making it harder for small businesses and startups to obtain credit from local lenders.
    “Furthermore, our economy will not only bring prosperity to our neighborhoods and families, but it will help keep us safe. It was not the threat of our nation’s military alone that won the Cold War, it was our economic prosperity that gave us the resources to lead the way to a more peaceful world.”

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