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Eating Crow – Montgomery County Police Chief Manger Chows Down

Posted: August 20, 2016 at 3:39 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Brad Botwin

On July 21, 2015, Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee which was examining the Obama Administration’s misdirected immigration enforcement policies and the impact on public safety.  As a self-appointed expert on why local law enforcement agencies should not be bothered with arresting and detaining illegal immigrants in our community, Chief Manger spent his morning, at taxpayer expense, lecturing the committee on his policing priorities.

Parroting the Obama Administration, Chief Manger brazenly peddled the party line that the trust and respect of the illegal immigrant community was vital to fighting crime in the community.  He postulated that if illegals see “their police” as immigration agents, their fear of deportation will cause non-reporting of crimes, thus further encouraging criminal activities.

Manger famously stated to the committee that his priority was the prevention of crime and the protection of the public we are sworn to serve. “Surely no member of the Committee would want to hear from their own community that we did not respond to a call for help because we were off enforcing immigration laws”.  Manger had the chutzpah to say this in the face of other committee witnesses who had lost loved ones at the hands of illegal immigrant criminals.

What a remarkably dishonest approach to serving and protecting the taxpaying, law abiding citizens of Montgomery County.

Fast forward to June 23, 2016:  This time Chief Manger testified before a Montgomery County Council committee about the exponential growth of gang violence in the county, which resulted in at least 13 Hispanic gang related murders and countless other acts of crime, during the past  months. The latest victim was subjected to 40 stab wounds by his illegal immigrant killers.  This heinous crime was topped only by the December, 2014 stabbing, scalping and ripping out of the victim’s liver by yet another MS-13 illegal immigrant gang member.

It seems that the unnaturally diverse communities of Montgomery Village and Gaithersburg are the epicenters of this illegal immigrant slaughter house. These jurisdictions targeted by the Montgomery County Council and local illegal alien support groups like CASA of Maryland and Identity Inc., are forced to accept untold numbers of Central American illegal immigrants.

Chief Manger refuses to blame this massive crime wave on the county’s sanctuary policies or his own rules for not allowing his police officers to contact federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when crossing paths with suspected illegals. Instead he blames the Government of El Salvador for not getting tough with the criminal gang members in their country.

Meanwhile, Councilman Sydney Katz, former Mayor of Gaithersburg and sanctuary supporter, blames the rise in murders on the lack of education of these El Salvadoran illegals. Really?  So that’s why homeowners and businesses are being forced to pay a new 8.7% property tax increase, to build schools and educate those without the moral or legal right to be here. Why allow illegals’ sanctuary in Maryland in the first place?

Gang violence is out of control because of the lawless approach to illegal immigration and public safety instituted by the Montgomery County Council and Police Chief Manger’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” immigration enforcement policy. The fact that Montgomery County is now home to tens of thousands of illegals has inspired the growth of 35 different gangs with over 1,300 members who commit crime with impunity.

We eventually hear about the gang murders, but Manger’s officers are being coerced to underreport robberies, muggings and break-ins, to convince the public that all is well. At the same time, Manger has quietly raised the number of gang detectives from 13 to 18.  This is still short of what is needed and still operating under regulations which stymie the ability of officers to detain, arrest and fully cooperate with ICE to help deport illegal immigrants.

And where was our County Executive Ike Leggett when the latest MS-13 Hispanic butchers were doing their thing?  Seemingly oblivious to the carnage and crime sweeping our county, Leggett was co-hosting a lovefest with the Islamic Center in Germantown to “make sure our Muslim Community knows they are valued and appreciated.

Leggett’s answer to the ongoing gang violence?  Work with ICE? No his solution is to partner with groups like the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (are Hebrews crossing the border illegally?) and Catholic Charities Legal Services to provide free legal advice to MS-13 and other Central American border jumpers to help them obtain legal status.

A huge wall across the southern U.S. border and term limits for the Montgomery County Executive and Council members, soon to be on the November, 2016 ballot, never looked so good.