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Help Combat the Kathy Naysayers

Posted: October 17, 2016 at 5:55 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Martha Schaerr

This campaign season I’ve met some disheartened voters who I call “Kathy Naysayers.”   Read on to see if you’ve met some (or are one).  Please help combat the naysayers by sharing this article on your Facebook Page.

Here are some of their typical comments . . .

“Trump has been so embarrassing that I can’t vote for him.  I’m either not going to vote, or I’m going to vote for Hillary.”

  • This Presidential campaign makes it even more important to elect wise Republicans to the U.S. Senate and House.  We need them to be the backstop against who knows what.
  • This isn’t a one-branch of government vote.  Losing the Supreme Court will have drastic consequences, long after a four-year term is over.

“Republicans can’t win in Maryland.”

  • Governor Hogan won, and his current approval rating among Maryland voters is at 71%.  His victory was not a fluke!
  • There are more locally-elected Republicans than Dems in Maryland.

“Republicans can’t win in Montgomery County.”

  • This self -defeating prophecy makes it hard to find strong Montgomery County GOP candidates.   Help us out here, folks!  Please volunteer to help for the next month—and beyond!
  • Kathy doesn’t have to win in Montgomery County; she needs just 38%.

“Republican candidates are either inexperienced or crazy.”

  • Kathy is the Minority Whip in the Maryland House of Delegates and the highest-ranking Republican woman in Maryland.
  • Governor Hogan has not only endorsed her, he has campaigned for her.  And he’s tried hard to stay away from crazies.
  • Hogan says that he “needs Kathy in Washington.”

“All politicians are the same.”

  • No they’re not.  Kathy has the experience, temperament, and character to be an excellent senator.  She is not running to promote herself but to protect the basic values that have made our country great.
  • Kathy can reach across the aisle to take care of business.

“If Kathy doesn’t win, my money and time will be wasted.”

  • Kathy is a powerful player in Maryland whether or not she wins the Senate race.   She’s not going away.

“I don’t know Kathy.”

“Deep in our hearts, most of us believe in the promise of America and the power of the American Dream. We have a paralyzed government incapable of solving even our most basic needs. I want to serve in the U.S. Senate to champion Americans who are decent, responsible citizens, yearning for the opportunity to work hard, pay the bills, raise a family.”  — Kathy Szeliga