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7 Reasons that Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Posted: October 19, 2016 at 9:11 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Jerry Cave

The media are predicting Hillary’s success when the opposite will end up overwhelmingly being the case.
The after action report will be so obvious that analysts will look back and ask themselves how they missed this prediction so badly.

The answer will be … “Because they wanted to.”

The media have always been against Republican presidential candidates.

Always …

They are more transparent in their opposition to Trump because he is a much stronger communicator in live events, in television and online.

Consequently they have had to abandon any pretense of impartiality to defeat him.

This has gone far beyond ignoring their journalistic ethics or their universal endorsements against Trump in their editorial pages.

This anti-Republican outreach even extends to the misleading polling results they are bombarding you with.

If you listen to them you could be discouraged from even voting and that is exactly their intent.

There is one problem.

Trump is winning.

Actions speak louder than words … They speak truer too.

#1. The New Black is the New Black …. The Democrat Party’s swing to the extreme left has been fueled by their stranglehold on the Black vote. Their loyalty did not depend on any reward which allowed the Democrat Party Free Rein to Free Range to the hard Left. This is the beginning of the end of that.

Most of the media’s polling predictions are based on a similar high turnout of the black community in 2016 as occurred in 2008 and 2012. That is not happening. Obama’s not on the ticket.

Obama understandably inspired the black community to turn out in record numbers and to vote Democrat in record percentages when he was on the ticket. When Obama is not on the ballot the black turnout is at the lower normal level. In the mid-term elections that did not have Obama, the black turnout was similar to previous elections cycles.

Also, the early voting turnout is off by double digit percentages in predominantly black voting districts. There is also the very real possibility that Trump will obtain a higher percentage of the black vote than the media projects or that previous GOP candidates have achieved.


For starters he is the first GOP presidential candidate to actually ask for their vote with a plausible plan and a strong closing argument. “After 50-60 years of failure by the Democrat party in running the inner city black communities with terrible schools, crime and economics what have you go to lose?”  The answer is they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The discrepancy between the expectations of the first black president and the results in their communities has been vast. Consequently, we are hearing anecdotal stories that trump will get 2 to 3 times the black vote of his predecessors.

The combination of a lower turnout with a lower Democrat percentage will be the difference in who wins key states with significant black populations. This includes Florida, North Carolina Virginia and to a lesser extent Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The final anecdote showing that this is true is that the Democrats know this is the case. That is why both Obamas are actively campaigning to get out the vote for Hillary. This is unusual for a sitting president to do, but Obama knows that Trump’s election will undo everything he has done. In other words, the Democrats know this is a problem and they are doing everything to reverse it. However, it does not look like they can, based on the early voting trends.

There are more metrics, but nothing is as devastating to Hillary’s election as this deterioration of black support.

#2 It’s more than a black eye.

The aforementioned community is not the only one lacking enthusiasm for Hillary.

Many millennials feel betrayed by the Democrat party, by Hillary and by Bernie Sanders because they indeed were betrayed by them.

The mainstream media has had a wall of silence on wikileaks but the data is leaking out out anyway in social media.

The result is not good.

Millennials are not the only ones.

The Hispanic community heard the “Needy Latino” comment and sees the same things the black community sees.

Trump will out-perform the predictors here too, but he does not need to win.

#3 Millions Trumps Hundreds

The flip side of the enthusiasm coin is great news for Trump’s chances to win.

Actions do indeed speak louder than words.

The actions I am about to enumerate mean a lot more than the words spoken in response to a survey.

Early voting is not normally a GOP strong suit.

No one ever accused the GOP of competence in this regard.

We are seeing massive increases in early voting this election cycle in counties where Trump is expected to win.

This is more likely to be a predictor of enthusiasm instead of operational expertise of the GOP.

Early voting is only the most recent metric of Trump’s enthusiasm.

Trump set records for the number of Republican votes in the primaries.

His tally was 14 million!

He also continues to set incredible record turnout at his events.

This is increasing in spite of negative media news.

Over 500,000 people have attended his events with many tens of thousands more tuned away. Keep in mind these people wait hours without refreshments to hear him speak. It’s like tailgating without the tailgate.

Each event attracts more people than the turnout for all Hillary’s events, Combined!

Voting and attending events requires energy but cash is still king!

His campaign has set a record for the highest number of small donors … 2.6 million people parted with under $200 for the billionaire!

When you give money to man worth Billions, that’s enthusiasm!

These metrics that number in the thousands and millions are far larger than the few hundred people surveyed by the media to predict voting.

Actions speak louder than words, and millions speak louder than a few hundreds.

Finally, it is worth noting that the media are manipulating the polling data to get the result they want, which is to portray that Hillary is winning.

They do this by modeling a sample base to match turnouts from the past that won’t be repeated this year.
However, they can’t manipulate the actions people are taking.

That is why they are endlessly repeating the data they can manipulate and ignoring the actions they cannot.

#4 Credibility

The most important metric is from Gallup. According to this storied polling outfit, 2/3rds of Americans do not believe the media. Trump does not depend on the media’s interpretation of his message. He is news so he gets on TV and communicates directly to the people, not just through anchors and reporters who are prejudiced against him and portray him negatively …. Over and over and over.  The media cannot stop giving him the time, because he is news and news creates ratings and ratings create the advertising revenue the cable news channels desperately need.

Trump wins by never missing an opportunity to get on TV and communicate his message. When he is not on TV, the media portrays him negatively but since most Americans do not believe the media they believe the opposite of what the media report.

A word on how Trump communicates is necessary. Many criticize his style. Most critics are either incompetent or do not have his best interest at heart. He repeats himself. That way people remember it and reporters get irritated. A win Win! He doesn’t make the complete case but rather he leaves it for the audience to connect the dots. In the internet this is called engagement and is the most critical element of internet marketing. Trump does it in real life. Reporters see these incomplete passages as opportunities to attack him for 36 hours. Trump counts on the additional exposure. He’s using the media and they don’t even know it. It makes him and his message more memorable. The opposite is George Will. He composes succinct well supported positions in every paragraph. Perfect in every way except one. Please tell me the last thing you heard George Will say? You can’t because you did not remember it. That is not the problem with a man called Trump.

Campaigning is marketing and sales. People buy for emotional reasons and justify it with logic. Trump appeals to emotion and then reason. When you hear his message, trust me he knows exactly what he is doing. So far it is working. The more you hear the media complain, the more you know it is working. Ask yourself who are they talking about? It is Trump. No publicity is bad publicity.

#5 It’s OK to be wrong

The media polls are wrong and have been wrong for several election cycles. The reason is simple. The media is ok with them being wrong. They were wrong in Maryland when they missed the election by over 14%. Otherwise they would have had to predict a Republican gubernatorial win in 2014. They wanted to help the Democrat, so under-reporting for a Republican candidate is part of their playbook. … Especially a Republican in one of the most Democratic of states. The reason is the same as that which will elect Trump. The people in Maryland were so abused by taxes and a lackluster economic growth they elected a Republican. Many democrats and independents figured,“What did they have to lose.”  Sound familiar?

#6 … A tie goes to the House of Trump

There are polls that indicate Trump is statistically tied. The Rasmussen poll has him 2% ahead and the next day she is 1% ahead. The L.A. Times poll has him almost 1 percent ahead. A statistical tie goes to the house in Las Vegas. In this year’s election cycle the tie goes to Trump because many people like trump but are embarrassed to say so. In the privacy of the election both there is no one to be embarrassed to!

#7 Talent Matters.

Hillary sucks. (Sorry … but sucks really is the only term strong enough to drive home her lack of talent) She just sucks at everything you want in a candidate. She is unhealthy, low energy, hiding from the press, hiding from the people, unlikable, a poor speaker, awful mannerisms, totally dishonest and utterly utterly insincere  … she has a lifelong history of doing or saying anything to get elected. After 8 years of Obama getting away with every lie from keeping your doctor to keeping Hillary out of jail, the country is in the mood for no more … please.

In an election cycles when “throw out the bums” is the most popular aerobic national exercise, she embodies everything people hate about politicians with nothing they like or love. Hillary as a continuation of 8 years of Obamination is such a bad prospect, that the American people are all in for a “Mr. Over the Top,” Donald Trump … and they cannot wait to hear him look at the Elites on Capitol Hill and say, “You’re Fired!.”

Jerry Cave

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