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Posted: November 17, 2016 at 5:44 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Sharon L. Cohen

At last, voters in Montgomery County have had enough.  By an overwhelming majority – nearly 69% — county voters passed Question B to term limit the County Council and Executive to no more than three consecutive 4-year terms (12 years).

“Twelve Years is Enough,” became the rallying cry of volunteers working with Voters for Montgomery County Term Limits, a non-partisan grassroots ballot committee formed in late August to pass the term limit question on the 2016 ballot. The organization’s Chairman is Democrat J. Walsh Richards and the Treasurer is Republican Harold W. Painter.

Yes, Democrats, Independents and Republicans working together for a common cause.  Volunteers gave their time, money and helpful hands to print leaflets; pass out flyers during early voting and on Election Day; deliver and put up signs across the county; talk with neighborhood organizations to support term limits, and call on family and friends to  Vote For Question B.

Perhaps it was the 9% increase in property taxes; the real estate recordation tax increase; the rain tax; the huge salary increase the County Council passed for themselves, ignoring residents by adopting an outrageous plan for the Westbard area; or not hearing that rural residents in Damascus want to maintain the rural nature of their community; concerns about transportation in the county; sanctuary county practices; the county’s control of liquor sales that hurts restaurant owners, and on and on, as the list is too long to fully list here.

Whatever the reason, voters in Montgomery County have spoken out, loud and clear. Twelve years is enough in elected office! Those now term limited include the current County Executive Ike Leggett as well as the following four County Council members:  Leventhal (At Large), Floreen (At Large), Elrich (At Large) and Berliner (District 1 in Bethesda).

Some of the term limited County Council members are likely to make a run for County Executive in 2018.  Think about that! If they were unresponsive to voters like you as a council member, would you really want any of them serving as the County Executive in 2018?

Personally I’ve had enough of them, regardless of which musical chair they hope to jump to.  Let’s send them packing, and elect new faces for our county government in 2018.