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Letter to Board of Education

Posted: November 17, 2016 at 8:10 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

To:          Members of the Montgomery County Board of Education

Cc:          Principal Damon Monteleone, Richard Montgomery High School

Fr:           Sandy Tuttle, Taxpaying citizen of Montgomery County

Re:         Richard Montgomery County “protesters” assault fellow student

Date:     November 16, 2016

I am a saddened and dismayed by what occurred Wednesday morning November 16, 2016, when  a students’  protest march from Richard Montgomery School turned violent – against a fellow student wearing a hat with a Donald Trump logo ‘Make America great again.”

These students were carrying “love Trump’s hate,” signs, which we have seen all over.   Since these students were marching while they should have been in school – as a taxpayer, I am paying for them to be there, I have to wonder at what level of school administration was this protest march condoned?    Where did the signs come from?  In essence, who coordinated and essentially condoned this during school hours?  The taxpaying public deserves an answer, and this should properly be investigated.

More importantly, however, is what happened to that student, who dared wear a hat that resulted in this  assault?   How ironic that the students perpetrating the crime were carrying ‘love Trump’s hate’ signs and marching would assault a fellow student, who dared to be different?   No first amendment rights tolerated by this group, obviously.  

 For a school (Richard Montgomery)  whose motto is “failure is not an option,” I would say that the school has done a terrible job in this regard.  A terrible job in teaching students basic civic lessons about our Constitution and highlighted now – the first Amendment.    As a taxpayer, I am outraged that these students don’t even understand this – a failure by Richard Montgomery High School  and  perhaps the entire school system in Montgomery County.

It is my hope that the person/persons assaulting this young student are not only suspended but charged for assault since this is a hate crime    As a follow up,  an on-line article  by Jack Moore (WTOP)  on Thursday November 17 , noted that the School Superintendant Jack Smith stated that “ students may be subject to disciplinary actions that align with whatever infraction is involved.”    Sorry Superintendant Smith, the word “may,” leaves room for question.  It should be “will,”  and a message about  assaulting others, who hold different views  will not be tolerated because that’s just not who we are.

As a taxpaying citizen, who has just had her taxes raised by 8.9% primarily to support the school system, I would say that I am getting a lousy return on my money  – because obviously civics 101 is not being taught properly.