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Hopeless Activism

Posted: January 18, 2017 at 6:02 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Brad Botwin

I have to give credit to MC Sentinel reporter Peter Rouleau, “Local activists see hope in Dakota Access Pipeline decision”, Dec 15, 2016.  How in the world did Peter find two lifelong professional protesters right here in Montgomery County?  Michelle Alexander, a media specialist at Richard Montgomery HS (and part American Indian), and Rocky Twyman, a vintage civil rights protester from the 60’s, are just classic textbook agitators.

From protesting the Redskins racist team name to participating in the discredited Hands Up, Don’t Shoot Ferguson riots, these two “social justice” zealots are now focused on a new crusade; Supporting the overblown oil pipeline concerns of the inhabitants of the Shady Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota.

Part of the continued Obama Administration to eliminate all U.S. oil and gas activities in the name of global warming, the continued delay in completing the 1,172 mile Dakota Access pipeline has been followed by controversial drilling bans on major portions of the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.  Mindless radicals like Alexander and Twyman are delaying the safe passage of nearly 500 thousand barrels per day from the Bakkan oil field to Illinois.  Would these saviors of the environment rather have the oil trucked or railed in?

Message for our local radicals and the reservation centric Sioux Indians.  The U.S. has more than 186,000 miles of oil pipeline crisscrossing the country, safely delivering crude oil and petroleum products.  January 20 and the spring thaw are coming up fast, so I don’t expect that tiny 1,100 foot stretch of needed Dakota Access pipeline approval is going to be delayed much longer.  Closer to home, it’s also time for Maryland Governor Hogan to actively promote fracking operations in Western Maryland to create much needed jobs in the region and a new source of low cost oil and gas for Maryland consumers.  How about some “economic justice” for hard-working, law abiding Americans?