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From Trump Inauguration to “Year of the Rooster”

Posted: January 30, 2017 at 7:01 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Deborah Lambert

We had barely recovered from the dazzling Trump Inauguration followed by the Women’s March and the stupendous March for Life, featuring remarks by Vice President Mike Pence and Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, when the Chinese Lunar New Year suddenly appeared on the calendar on January 28th.

This is the Year of the Fire Rooster, and while people are regaling each other with wishes of “Good Luck and Good Fortune,” there’s no doubt that America’s newly elected President Trump will be working overtime to fulfill his campaign promises – and ruffling some feathers on the Left along the way.

The opportunity to profit from President Trump’s larger than life personality linked to the Year of the Rooster was not lost on the business community in China where a 23-foot Donald Trump rooster sculpture, complete with golden coif and signature Trumpian hand gestures stands outside a mall in the Northern Chinese city of Tiayuan. Replicas of the sculpture are selling on a Chinese shopping website for up to $2,000 each, and the Trump statue has enjoyed lots of positive comments and emojis on social media. noted that “Trump has captured the Chinese imagination, and riled its authorities, with his threats to talk turkey about massive tariffs on Chinese exports.”

Just for fun, we checked out a Chinese horoscope ( website’s predictions to see what lies ahead during the Year of the Fire Rooster for someone like President Trump, who was born in 1946, the Year of the Fire Dog.

The Fire Dog is the most optimistic of his fellows, but also the
most theatrical. . . when he feels attacked…His independence
and his strength of character, his revolted side against the
injustices of the world, add to his Hollywood-like charisma.
Incorruptible, the Fire Dog does not hesitate to show the fangs,
even to bite, when he considers that a situation has degenerated
too much to his liking.

In 2017, the Fire Dog can expect to spend a good year, as long
as he spends as much time as possible in the countryside, enjoying
long walks in the forest and good food with his family.

Famous Fire Dogs, in addition to Donald Trump, include Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Kim Jong-un, Jane Goodall and Brigitte Bardot.