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MD General Assembly Delegate Carr (D-LD 16) Out of Touch with MoCo Voters and the County Council

Posted: February 28, 2017 at 7:14 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Sharon L. Cohen

Following the outcry of Montgomery County (MoCo) voters who just passed the term limit ballot initiative by 70% last November, Delegate Al Carr (D-LD-18) decided to withdraw his ill advised bill – HB 348 –that would have opened the door to staggered county elections.  Oddly enough, county voters have NOT asked for staggered elections for the County Council and more importantly, the MoCo County Council actually voted in early December to oppose Del. Carr’s bill.

So “What the ___?”  Why pursue a bill that the voters don’t want and your own County Council voted to oppose?  Talk about “tone deaf” legislators, but then I digress.

Rather than psychoanalyzing motive, let’s just say staggered elections for MoCo post adoption of term limits would: cost candidates more to run in the presidential cycle (think higher media costs), be unfair to candidates (who would lose or gain term length to run in the presidential cycle?), and as MoCo County Council members have noted, make the work of the council more difficult.

The real story is that YOU, THE VOTER, ROSE UP!  And frankly my friends we need to do more of this. Call and email our delegation in the state legislature. Go and testify, as many did (thank you)!  Post on Facebook and talk to the press. Will we always be successful?  Of course not, but it is totally worth the effort.  They are tone deaf, but we cannot and should not stand down.

It’s your government – Work to take it back.

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