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Asian Immigrants Testify Against Making Maryland A Sanctuary State

Posted: March 2, 2017 at 7:42 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

“Many eyes and ears were certainly tuned into President Trump’s Congressional address – and what a great speech it was — but what occurred in Annapolis last night is one for the record books,” claimed Dick Jurgena, the recently elected Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party (MCGOP).

Yesterday at 1 pm the House Judiciary Committee of the Maryland General Assembly convened  to hear testimony on several bills.  After six full hours, the Committee finally turned to consider HB 1362, “Maryland Law Enforcement and Governmental Trust Act” or so-called “Trust Act” just before 7:00 pm.  “Perhaps the Committee Chairman and the bill sponsor – Delegate Morales from Legislative District 19 – thought if they waited until the evening, the many witnesses who had gathered to oppose the bill would leave, but they did NOT leave,” noted Chairman Jurgena.

In a strong show of true grit, nearly 40 witnesses, including 35 legal Asian immigrants testified in opposition to the “Trust Act” staying until midnight!  The Maryland Chinese American Network (MD-CAN) and the Asian American GOP Coalition (AAGC) mobilized a large number of Asian American immigrants to testify against the bill.  Shawn Nie from North Potomac who pulled together many of the Asian American witnesses for MD-CAN and AAGC told the Committee, “I love Montgomery County” and, “I legally obtained my citizenship through a lengthy and expensive process.”  Another witness, Zhenya Li from North Potomac testified that, “Sanctuary policies essentially create an environment where criminals can go unnoticed,” and “restricting law enforcement risks public safety.”

Witnesses in opposition to HB 1362 – a bill intended to limit state and local law enforcement collaboration with federal agencies on immigration-related actions – came from Montgomery, Howard, Baltimore, Harford and Prince George’s counties and from all backgrounds.  Hessie Harris, an African-American resident of Silver Spring, testified in opposition to HB 1362.   She observed, “They [the Chinese Americans] came into the room like the Allies landing on Omaha Beach of D-Day in World War II.   GOD BLESS THEM!!   Chairman Jurgena agreed, “We owe much gratitude to all the witnesses who stayed beyond midnight to urge the Committee to give the bill an unfavorable report and to NOT make Maryland a sanctuary state.”


For more information or to arrange an interview with MCGOP Chairman Dick Jurgena, please contact Kat O’Connor at 301.908.8082 or [email protected]