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Say NO to Rockville Becoming a Sanctuary City

Posted: March 18, 2017 at 11:03 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)




Brigitta Mullican                                                  March 6, 2017

1947 Lewis Ave.

Rockville, MD  20851


Good evening, Mayor and Council:


My name is Brigitta Mullican, as a German immigrant, my parents, two brothers and I came to America in 1956 when there was a national immigration quota and is still today. We immigrated legally, worked hard, and waited our turn to become U.S. citizens, and we are very proud of our citizenship


First, this city ordinance is premature.  As we all know, federal immigration law has been in flux for over a year.  Immigration reform is inevitable.  Why pass an ordinance about federal immigration law when that law might change next week or next month?


The ordinance is so broad as to be vague and will confuse the police officers about how to perform their duties. Not only does it prohibit the Rockville Police from cooperating with federal law enforcement officers on citizenship or immigration issues, but prohibits them from such cooperation “


Second, I present the Rockville Mayor and Council with a petition signed by 537 in opposition to a petition requesting the Rockville City Council becomes a Sanctuary City. A sanctuary city is a blatant violation of federal law and undermines law enforcement. The Federal government has supported Rockville with grant money which the City would risk losing by enacting this ordinance.  


What is the urgency to change Rockville’s ordinance? If Rockville conducts itself as a Sanctuary City, it could lose Federal funds.  In addition, it would cause the police officer to violate their oath of office. All public officials must swear or affirm that they will “support and defend the Constitution.” Your ordinance, if passed, would go against the rule of law.


Finally, this ordinance is wrong, and possibly evil.  The freedoms we enjoy as Americans are based on the Rule of Law.  The Constitution demands Equal Protection under the Law.  Our freedoms are in jeopardy if governments, at whatever level, decide to enforce only the laws that they like, and ignore the laws that they do not like.  If you do not like a particular law, work to change it.  Do not just ignore it.  In addition, certainly do not pass a law that prohibits local law enforcement from enforcing it.


In concluding, please do not approve the proposed City Code changes.


Thank you for your attention.