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Democrat Meltdown Continues Unabated

Posted: March 29, 2017 at 12:21 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Brad Botwin

Citizens across Montgomery County (MoCo) must be wondering what the decisive presidential

election of Donald Trump, and the accompanying shift of national priorities from left to center,

has done to the mindset of Maryland Democrats. From Annapolis to Rockville, legislative

actions and personal decisions by elected Democrats and local activists seem unstable and

thoughtless, raising questions about the continued ability of these “leaders” to maintain their

dominant grip on MoCo voters.


Let’s start with Annapolis. Despite an overwhelming 69 percent of the vote in favor of MoCo

County Council and County Executive Term Limits, state legislators led by black delegate Al

Carr (D-MoCo) attempted to undermine and circumvent the will of the voters. Once the word

got out regarding Carr’s conspiracy (House Bill 348) to help term limited MoCo Democrats back

into office more quickly than the term limit referendum allowed, Carr’s office came under siege

from citizens across the political spectrum. HB 348 was quickly pulled and terminated.


At the county level, there were even more ill-advised actions by an elected Democrat. In this

case, it was a bad case of hubris (wanton arrogance) on the part of flamboyant MoCo County

Council Member, Tom Hucker (D-District 5). For over a year, county officials have been trying

to find a new home for a long-time Confederate statue on county government property. Public

hearings led to the development of a number of possible compromise options to move the statue

away from prime county real estate while simultaneously preserving the historical context and

memory of local fallen Civil War combatants.


But Council Member Hucker decided to independently come up with his own solution to the

statue controversy, citizens be damned. He unilaterally listed the Confederate statue on

Craigslist for $1,000 in an effort to eliminate what he deemed to be worthless garbage. Shades

of the Taliban fanatics in Afghanistan, dynamiting 1,200 year old Buddha statues in an effort to

cleanse all non-Islamic remnants from the country. Thankfully, Hucker’s fantasy solution was a

flop. Unfortunately for MoCo voters, Hucker doesn’t yet qualify for the term limit cutoff in

2018, saving him from the trash heap of MoCo Democrat politicians for a few more years.

Lastly, the case of Jim Reschovsky, long-time community activist, and classic knee-jerk liberal.


You know the type, the one who decrees that you’re a “racist and a xenophobe” because you

don’t agree with him. Jim recently received a “Say No to Rockville Sanctuary City” petition to

sign. Instead of hitting the delete button, or talking with the author offline (Rockville resident

Brigitta Mullican, a long-time legal immigrant from Germany), Jim composed a diatribe to

Brigitta calling her, yes, a racist and a xenophobe among other things. He then sent his hate mail

to the Rockville Mayor, City Council and others.


For good measure, Jim, a first generation Austrian Jewish immigrant, attacked President Trump,

“The words coming from the Trump Administration regarding Muslims and immigrants, and the

President’s demonization of the free press, are too close to the descriptions my family members

told me about living in Austria in the 1930’s during the rise of Hitler for me to sleep easily or to

be complacent.” Clearly Jim in his uncaged outrage made some glaring errors in judgment, the

first of which was attacking Brigitta.


As a second generation American of Eastern European Jewish extraction, I find the comparison

of Hitler to anybody but Mao or Stalin to be beyond the pale and blatantly stupid, especially by

fellow Jews. But Jim goes further down the rat hole, by comparing the Jewish Holocaust and the

systematic roundup and extermination of all Jews across Europe and the eastern Soviet Union to

the plight of Central American parents whose children are threatened by endemic poverty and

crimes in their communities.


Game, set, match! Jim in your “honor,” I signed Brigitta Mullican’s important petition against

making Rockville a sanctuary city.


Brad Botwin