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Statement at the March BOE Meeting

Posted: March 31, 2017 at 7:56 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Statement by Richard Jurgena*

Chairman Montgomery County Republican Party Central Committee

Before the Montgomery County Board of Education

Meeting in Rockville, Maryland

March 30, 2017

*I request that my full written statement in its entirety be included in the record for today’s

meeting of the Montgomery County Board of Education.

Two weeks ago today, we learned of the alleged rape of a 14-year old freshman at Rockville High School,

in a school bathroom, during school hours, by two illegal alien young men. I continue to pray for the

victim and her family. This event as well as another at Rockville High School involving the alleged attack

on another female student at the school during school hours is clear evidence that Montgomery County

Public School (MCPS) have a significant problem regarding student safety.

This is the first meeting of the MCPS Board of Education since these horrible incidents have occurred;

yet the Board’s meeting agenda makes no mention of either situation. Nor has the Montgomery County

Board of Education – elected county officials – done anything to calm parent concerns, identify gaps in

security that allowed this to happen or explain what actions are planned to assure students are safe in

our schools.

Parents, students and our community now have many, many questions. If you are like me, I want to

know “What in the world is going on in our public schools? And “What steps will the Board of Education

take to protect students in our schools?” We demand answers.

I urge parents, students and others in the community to send questions to the Board, demand answers,

and copy the press. Here are my questions for the Board.

 The alleged rape incident occurred at 9:00 am. According to MCPS Superintendent Smith’s

statement at the Rockville High School PTSA meeting on the evening of Tuesday March 21st, he

claimed he was not aware of the alleged March 16 rape until the next morning March 17. What

is the protocol for passing information concerning such a tragic event up the line of Command?

 The bathroom in which the alleged rape occurred reportedly was normally locked because it is

in a remote part of the school. Who is responsible for locking and unlocking the bathroom?

Why was it unlocked at this time of the day and who unlocked it? How did the individuals know

it would be unlocked? Have there been any other incidents in this bathroom or the remote area


where the bathroom is located? If there have been concerns about the safety of this particular

bathroom, why was there no camera located in this area of the school?

 It is reported there are five security guards working at the school. Where were these guards

between 8:00 am and the time the incident occurred? It was also reported there are over 100

cameras in the school leading to the assumption the guards’ locations should be definable.

 Were the cameras being actively monitored? If they were not being monitored, were they

supposed to have been monitored and, if so, by whom?

 Did any teacher make a report that one of the three students was missing from class? Why, why

not, or if they were reported missing, what action was taken to locate them?

 We have information from the school principal that she has a great view, from her office, of the

outside entrance to the school where she monitors the coming and going of students and keeps

track of who should be in class. Has there been any consideration to moving her office to the

remote area of the school where this bathroom is located?

 Does responsibility for this incident and other recent incidents involving fighting, beatings and

other deviant behavior lie with subordinates failing to perform their prescribed duties or with

the Superintendent?

MCPS claims it is required by State and Federal guidelines and court decisions to education all youth up

to a certain age regardless of their immigration status. While I am not here to dispute those claims, I am

here to clearly state that the Montgomery County Board of Education is fully within its rights on how to

comply. There is NO law, guidance or judicial ruling that compels MCPS to enroll illegal alien men in any

freshman high school class within the MCPS system. The Board can make decisions regarding how to

educate such individuals and in what settings. So I ask the Board:

 At what level was the decision made to mingle undocumented adult individuals — who have no

education background, no ability to speak English and no ability to read or write in their own

language — with minors in the general school population? With all the teaching experience on

this Board, I would have thought it was obvious that allowing such practices is a potential

powder keg just waiting for the fuse to be lit.

 How many undocumented alien “adult” students are currently enrolled in Montgomery County

schools, in which schools, in which grades and what is their gender?

 How many undocumented students enrolled in MCPS schools have inadequate educational or

English skills to perform at grade level with students of a similar age?

 What tests were given to these individuals to determine their education level or proficiency

before they were put in the classrooms?

 Has the Board considered alternative educational formats – night school or adult-only programs

– for undocumented adult or older students in settings out side of the public school buildings?

Why and why not?


 In order for a student to be enrolled in the county school system, completion of various forms is

required. Were these forms completed? Specifically:

o Was form MCPS Form 335-73 “Determination of Residency and Tuition Status”

completed for both of men who are alleged to have committed the rape at Rockville

High School?

o Based on the information provided on form MCPS Form 335-73, would it have been

obvious that either one or both individuals was not have been ready for classwork

required of a student in high school? Why was that not considered before enrolling

either individual?

o MCPS policy to enroll a student requires proof of residency, age, identity and

Immunizations: Were these

forms completed, or why not?

o Person(s) enrolling a student must present legal identification and proof of relationship

to student. Did anyone other than a parent or legal guardian must complete MCPS

Form 335-73, “Determination of Residency and Tuition Status” and contact Residency

and International Admissions at 301-230-0686? Were these forms completed, or why


o What documents were submitted with MCPS Form 335-73, which permitted these

individuals to register in MCPS? MCPS Form 335-73:

o In addition to MCPS Form 335-73, the guardians of International Students must

complete a shared housing form MCPS Form 334-75 to be submitted to the Director of

the School Counseling, Residency and International Admissions Department. Was this

form completed, or why not?

o Was there a shared housing form 334-74 completed and if so by who and who verified

and approved?

o What parent or guardian signed the application form?

o Who was the home owner/renter that signed the form? How many other forms has this

owner/renter signed?

o Who notarized the signatures of the home owner/renter? How many other forms has

this notary signed?

 Distribution of the MCPS Form 334-75 is required to be made to certain outside agencies,

including the U.S. Office of Immigration and Naturalization Services. Were the MCPS Form 334-

75’s distributed as required?

 Students are NOT supposed to be enrolled in MCPS schools until after they’ve been approved by

School Counseling, Residency and International Admissions (SCRIA). SCRIA is supposed to

complete the following actions. Did SCRIA complete each step, if not, why NOT?

o Verifies students school eligibility


o Interviews parents and students and reviews school records and other appropriate


o Makes grade placement recommendation and evaluates foreign school credentials to

grant high school credits toward graduation

o Assigns students to the receiving school

o Refers students, as needed, to other appropriate services, including the Division of

ESOL/Bilingual Programs for assessment of English proficiency; Montgomery County

Department of Health and Human Services for completion of state health requirements;

the Department of Special Education for assessment and early determination of

appropriate programs for students with special needs; the Division of the Controller for

tuition payment, and the U.S. Office of Immigration and Naturalization Services to

facilitate the admissions of foreign students.

I urge the public and press alike to get answers to these questions and any others that you may have.

We need answers and we need them now.

In closing, I want to mention an unrelated matter involving a different type of safety concern; that is the

protection of students in MCPS schools against bullying and harassment. A group of concerned parents

brought to the attention of the Montgomery County Republican Party Central Committee a situation at

Damascus High School involving the apparent harassment of some students based on their political

affiliation or association. I ask the Board of Education to take immediate steps to investigate this

matter. Unfortunately, this is not the first time troubling information has been shared with me

regarding student harassment in county schools, due to a student’s political affiliation.

On behalf of all concerned parents, I am also calling on the Board to revise its school harassment policy

to include a student’s political affiliation among the list of protected classes. No student should be

harassed or bullied because of their political views, affiliation or activities either inside or outside of the

school setting. That is all I am going to say on this matter, but it needs the prompt attention by the

Board of Education.

Respectfully submitted,

CDR Richard L. Jurgena