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Maryland Sanctuary Bill Gets “Networked!”

Posted: April 15, 2017 at 3:42 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Sharon L. Cohen

Do you remember the 1976 movie hit, Network?  This movie really tapped into the public’s post-Watergate anger at the political establishment. In fact, the infamous rant by the film’s failing TV commentator Howard Beale when he tells viewers to go to their windows, open them up, stick their heads out and yell “I’m made as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!” is still used to symbolize situations where disgruntled voters have had enough!

So when Democrats launched their plans to make Maryland a sanctuary state, discontented voters – even those who usually “go along to get along” – decided that enough was enough, especially following the tragic news of an alleged rape of a 14 year old freshman at Rockville High School by two illegal alien young men, enrolled as freshman students.

Many of you came out and testified before the Maryland General Assembly, participated in rallies, wrote letters and made calls, spoke to reporters, and organized friends and family to voice widespread opposition to the very concept of sanctuary for illegal aliens.

The result was that our sustained and collective “yelling” got the bill withdrawn.  The bill got “Networked” by you, the voters.

Winning this fight to stop the state sanctuary bill is a lesson in participatory democracy.  It shows what’s possible when the voters rise up and demand a course correction.   But let’s not kid ourselves – this work is not easy.  It takes time, effort and tenacity.  And winning one battle does certainly not mean that we can sit on our laurels.

Real change in local government – in the Maryland General Assembly, Montgomery County Executive and County Council – will require elected officials who are in many ways the polar opposite of those who now serve in county government.  There is a desperate need for elected officials who represent you, the voter, rather than special interests or extreme policies that further their own political agendas.

To that end, the upcoming 2018 election presents the perfect moment for change.  We need some top-notch candidates to RUN and WIN next year.  And, following passage of the term limits measure in 2016 – another significant victory – we have more open Montgomery County Council seats than at any time in recent history.

  • We need to elect at least one Republican County Council member in order to block the majority from punitive measures like raising taxes to pay for ill-advised policies, such as the cost of sanctuary policies here in our county.
  • We need to elect a few Republican delegates to the Maryland General Assembly, House and Senate in order to build a fire wall against bad bills like the state sanctuary bill, and sustain our governor’s vetoes of bad bills.
  • We also need volunteers to help with a host of efforts to get GOP candidates elected and build an even stronger grassroots effort this year in order to be ready when the Maryland General Assembly returns to work in January, 2018.

Beating back the state sanctuary bill is sweet, indeed.  So, thank you for your successful efforts to “Network” the bill, and by all means enjoy the victory.  Now let’s roll up our sleeves and lay the foundation to build our network of grassroots activists and stellar candidates, who can WIN in 2018.

Remember, timing is everything!  In order to change the face of our elected officials in Rockville and Annapolis, we need to start NOW to build momentum and establish a roster of inspired candidates who can WIN elections in 2018 and provide true leadership for Maryland.

If you would like to volunteer to help the party and our candidates OR if you are interested in running for state/local office as a Republican, let us know by responding at this link and you will be contacted by a party official to discuss your interests further.  THANK YOU!