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Letter to the Montgomery County Delegation

Posted: April 26, 2017 at 9:20 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By J. Alexandra Tuttle

Dear Montgomery County Delegation:

I write this letter to you out of grave concern for the future of my state.  Let me explain why: a flagrant disregard for law and order; your unending generosity with my hard earned taxpayer money; a careless disregard for the sanctity of my vote; and, what appears as disdain towards the will of the people. This is just a small sampling of legislation you have introduced this year, as to why this taxpaying voter is angry.

Delegate Morales (LD 19) introduced legislation, which the rest of the county delegation has cosponsored (HB 1362-companion bill: SB 835), which in essence prohibits local and state law enforcement agencies from cooperating with federal authorities on immigration.  This is a slap in the face to those who have immigrated to this country legally. Moreover, you are jeopardizing the lives of Maryland citizens and legal immigrants in favor of protecting criminal illegal immigrants, by doing to Maryland to what has been done to Montgomery County.  Gang crimes have increased in Montgomery County in 2016 – the “experiment is failing.”  Why would you support this legislation?

Delegate Queen (LD 14) introduced HB 272, which would establish sanctuary campus status for public institutions of higher education, providing all sorts of monetary services and protections to students and employees for students, most those notably to those under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Should DACA be reversed, the legislation, if enacted, would codify the right to refuse to allow the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on school campuses, without 10 days notification and paperwork.  Additionally, this new entitlement program for FY2018, would have taxpayers on the hook for legal, financial and health insurance stipends and housing for these students.   What makes you think this is fair to Maryland taxpayers, who would be footing the bill?

Delegate Moon (Legislative District (LD 20) and Senator Feldman (LD15) introduced HB 1236/SB 891 providing for a “Constitutional Amendment-Cannabis  – the right to use, possess and cultivate it. “ If passed, the state would plan to tax marijuana, like they do cigarettes, ostensibly “to educate” the kids about the dangers of marijuana in public schools, etc. What?? Studies have shown that regular use of marijuana decreases a person’s IQ by at least 8 points.

Senator Madaleno (LD 18) introduced excise and sales tax legislation and legalization bills (SB 927/SB 928) for marijuana as well. Marijuana is the illicit drug most frequently found in the blood of drivers who have been involved in accidents, including fatal ones. Let’s look 5 years down the road, and see if Colorado and Washington States did the right thing by their constituents by legalizing marijuana.  Moreover, at this time, use, possession and cultivation and sales of Cannabis (or marijuana or Pot) is illegal under Federal law.  How can Maryland legalize this drug? Are we no longer a part of these United States?

Delegate Alfred Carr (LD 18): introduced HB 348, which would have staggered term limits for the Montgomery county Council.  This became an important issue to you , suddenly,  and only after the November ballot measure passed, which was favored by both Democrat and Republican constituents, that limited the number of terms county council members could serve.  Why did you attempt to circumvent the will of the people who had spoken at the ballot box in November? 

Delegate Luedtke (LD14) is a cosponsor to HB 345, which would allow same day registration on Election Day, opening up more opportunities for voter fraud.  This bill has a companion bill SB 423, Senators Feldman (LD15) and Madaleno (18) are both co-sponsors.   As a Delegation, I know you are also in favor of automatic voter registration.  Do you not care about our most fundamental right?  That is, the right to vote in a fair, nondiscriminatory election without having our votes stolen or diluted? 

All of you voted in lock-step against businesses by voting for HB 1/SB 230, “the Maryland Health Working Families Act,” which requires paid sick leave for small businesses, with 15 or more employees.  You chose to ignore a bill by Governor Hogan, which would have offered tax incentives to businesses providing paid sick leave, with 50 employees or less .  Why would you support a bill that is punitive to small businesses, when you had an opportunity to incentivize them instead?

In conclusion, you are not serving the best interests of those who voted you into office.  Lucky for you, most of them don’t seem to be acutely attuned to what you are doing, or if they are, they are not looking at the long term negative ramifications of what you propose to do in these various bills.  Please know that I am not alone in thinking this however, and there are many of us who are anxiously awaiting Election Day 2018, where hopefully we can restore accountability to the taxpaying citizens of Maryland .

Sincerely, J. Alexandra Tuttle