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The First Hundred Days

Posted: April 28, 2017 at 10:33 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Jerry Cave

The First Hundred Days of Donald Trump has been the first time that a president during my lifetime has actually followed through on his campaign promises right away. After his election, President Trump immediately went to work to gather opinions from a variety of sources and select the most dynamic Cabinet of “doers,” ever. No waiting – too much to do.

While politicians aspire to BE president, winning an election often finds them largely sated. But Trump was inspired to DO as president. Upon his election, he had just begun to fight.

Once in office, he did not start off with easy tasks and work up to the difficult ones. Moreover, he did not take on the hard tasks just because they were hard. Instead, he attacked the problems that needed solving, and pursued several issues at once. It appears that we now have a commander in chief who can walk and chew at the same time. He delegates like a boss and is getting it done – all of it.

Every president since George Bush the Elder has kicked the can down the road on Iran and North Korea – until one turned into a nuclear power and the other threatens to become one. These are unacceptable options for dangerously unstable terrorist regimes that issue threats as if they were aerobic exercises. The president has addressed these problem children right away, unlike both Bushes, both Clintons and Obama, who consistently ignored them. The only people who are likely to kick the can now reside in Iran or North Korea.

A cousin of mine who did four combat tours in Afghanistan told me that his takeaway was that the only thing the bad guys understand is a punch in the nose. They have now been punched twice, tomahawked 59 times in Syria and MOABED in Afghanistan. In fact, a message was sent to them while the president was literally sitting right next to the current leader of China, having dessert. We hold the aces with everyone in international leverage, including the Chinese.

China’s future depends on exporting to the U.S. Trump played that carrot and stick to finally get them to pressure North Korea. It worked. It is not enough, but it is a start. He sent B-52s to nearby Japan, an armada to the region and Mike Pence to the border.

Uncertainty has caused many a war. Today, it appears that there is no longer any ambiguity on our side. If it does show up, then let it be now before the stakes get any higher. We’ll see who blinks and/or who sinks

Meanwhile, job opportunities are growing and the illegals are going. Stocks are rising and illegal immigration is falling. Our newly elected president gave us a SCOTUS Justice who will interpret the U.S. Constitution the way it was written, not the way some imagined or wished it was written, just as he promised to do.

Finally, President Trump continues to outfox the dishonest media at their own game.

Have you noticed that the media appear to have lost interest in Russian hacking, since they can’t seem to blame it on him any longer?  What about Hillary and Susan Rice? Hopefully Trump’s Justice Department will find out. Stay tuned.

The worst news during the First Hundred Days comes from the House, not The White House. Congressional Republicans have known for 6 years that they could and should rectify Obamacare. They should have had several solutions ready the day Trump was elected. They did not – nor were they ready when he was inaugurated – nor are they ready now. This behavior would be unacceptable in the private sector, which is why these ne’er do wells need to be replaced with success stories from the private sector just as Trump did with his Cabinet selections.

President Trump is doing a great job. Now, Congress needs to man up and do theirs. We need to continue to support him in order to save our children and grandchildren. If not, future generations will blame us and they will have every right to do so.

It is nice to have an adult in charge, even if he may not always act like one.