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View from the Bunker

Posted: May 31, 2017 at 9:06 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Jerry Cave

Trump confidant Dave Bossie recently noted that “there are going to be a lot of changes in the White House next month and I hope I’m not one of them.” Bossie is happy to be on the outside but the president is understandably not so happy with who is on the inside. In Dave Bossie’s remarks as the keynote speaker at the Harford County Lincoln Day Dinner last week, he spoke about Reince Priebus in glowing terms but it sounded as if it was in the past tense. FOX News recently ran a headline that a team of street fighters is enroute to help the president upon his return from a successful trip abroad.

Other sources indicate changes are on the other side of the Memorial Day Weekend. Someone joked that “Trump’s staff is leaking so much information they should have their own cable news channel.” Trump’s campaign was staffed with passionate and loyal supporters, but his administration is suffering from the absence of this key ingredient of his electoral success. Rumors and articles abound that “Never Trumpers” have infiltrated the team in charge of hiring and are bringing on establishment Republicans instead of Trump loyalists.

Only one of the many Trump supporters at the event in Harford County has been hired by the administration, so far. The rest appear to have been forgotten by the president, who campaigned to address the needs of the forgotten voters. Campaign workers were wondering why their loyalty has earned them a seat on the outside while the loyalty of people on the inside is under serious suspicion.

For a man like Donald Trump who recognizes the value of loyalty, this is a puzzling situation. Trump won by being an unconventional candidate with atypical supporters, many of whom were personally selected by David Bossie, who is himself outside the establishment circles. Will the president get back to his core principle about loyalty and give jobs to the people who helped him win?

The president’s trip abroad was a tremendous success. Returning to a competent, loyal team would help him maintain his renewed momentum.