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The Trump High Tea in Honor of President Trump’s Birthday

Posted: July 1, 2017 at 4:17 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

A commentary on the first event of this kind in the nation’s capital. . .

By Sandy Tuttle

We walked into the Trump International Hotel, in awe of its beauty and grandeur on Sunday June 25th for an event to celebrate not only the recent birthday of President Trump, but to show support for him and the GOP. Over 500 people came, from as far south as Florida and as far north as New York.  We donned our Sunday best, which for most included white gloves and a beautiful hat and enjoyed a wonderful tea.

The 3 hour long event had many special moments.  The two that stood out for me included a young veteran, named Marcus Dandrea,, wearing his uniform proudly, as he sat in his wheelchair near the stage. He received his Heroes award from Alice Butler-Short, head of Virginia Women for Trump.  He is so young and brave, doing a job most of us could not or would not do, in service to our country.  It was appropriate that he was there to receive this award, as President Donald Trump cares for and respects our military.

We also were fortunate to hear from Brigitte Gabriel who formed ACTCON or Act for America whose nonprofit group works to educate and activate people across the country on issues regarding and related to terrorism.  As a survivor of Islamic terror, she has an inspiring story to tell concerning the perseverance and determination in the face of what would seem like insurmountable odds during the civil war in Lebanon. She is a survivor. I was honored and so happy to be there.

By Hessie Harris

The speaker was outstanding.  The singer was fantastic.  However, one song in the program proper and then a patriotic one at the end would have been enough. Similarly, one Donald War Story would have been enough.  Three was a bit much.  There could have been two awards.  But if you have more than that and then have the recipients make speeches, it tends to drag. However, it certainly was appropriate to recognize from the stage those who had obviously worked very hard. Since it was a birthday celebration, it would have been appropriate to serve cake and tea.

The idea of having a tea was fabulous. What a wonderful parade of hats! However, regarding the food, some guests commented that they went away hungry. Perhaps a luncheon instead of a tea would be better for the next event. Either that or instruct the wait staff to provide continuous service, at least two refills per table.

Assigned seating would have helped a great deal and taken far less time. I was particularly concerned about security, since there were no metal detectors checking the guests, who were told that an autographed program would allow them to enter and exit the event. No one checked my registration. If I had been up to no good, I could have easily taken a program, written my name on it and got in.


Also, the raffle was a real problem, since those who were running it knew very little about the procedure. I realize that this was the first time for this event, and would certainly encourage that it be done again.   However, I really hope that my concerns are passed on. There are cases of terrorists scoping out events and later attacking at the next one.