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District 17 Builds “Get-Out-the-Vote” Organization

Posted: July 19, 2017 at 9:08 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By David Drake and Deborah Lambert

On the heels of the MCGOP’s outstanding achievements of the past year, including the

passage of term limits, Legislative District 17 has recently established its own grassroots,

get-out-the-vote organization, and we need your support to help it grow.

The first meeting convened on March 1st of this year and attracted 17 district activists.

After initial introductions and discussion of issues, attendees agreed that there was sufficient

interest in establishing a permanent District organization focused on electing Republicans to

represent Montgomery County. As a first step, monthly meetings would be held on the first

Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm at MCGOP headquarters, 15833 Crabbs Branch Road in

Rockville, MD.

In meetings to date, we have discussed the implementation of winning strategies, and

the deployment of resources to do so. The initial format for our meetings has been to dedicate

the first hour to speakers to familiarize the group with candidates and issues relevant at the

local level, followed by a short business meeting, focusing on organizational structure for

success and upcoming activities.

So far, the attendance and high level of interest at the initial meetings has led to the

creation of an organizational structure with Tony Celin as chair, Dan Carpenter as co-chair and

Michael Glynn as liaison to the District Chairs’ meetings. Other results include the following:

● A database of volunteers has been developed with contact information for some 200

potential volunteers

● A Facebook page has been created at

● LD 17 members have looked into establishing a PAC to support Get Out the Vote


● Speakers have included two out of three County Council candidates, Ed Amatetti and

Tom Ferleman, who are both running for the District 2 County Council seat

● Amie Hoeber, former candidate for Congressional District 6, has talked about her

experience in running across District 6 and issues relevant to the district and

Montgomery County

● Sharon Cohen, Youth Coordinator for the MCGOP, spoke about the school system and

problems that have been developing in the school system over the past years

If you live in District 17 and have not attended a District 17 meeting, we encourage you

to do so, and bring a friend. We also ask that you like and follow our Facebook page. Also, we

really need your support in getting out the vote for the upcoming 2018 election. For the future,

we will be focusing on building our organization to support get out the vote activities

exclusively geared to electing Republicans to office.

Here’s a list of the GOP candidates running for election in 2018:

● Governor Larry Hogan is running for a second gubernatorial term during which he has

pledged to take on the critically important issue of redistricting, based on communities

of interest

● Robin Ficker is running for Montgomery County Executive

● Montgomery County candidates Ed Amatetti, Tom Ferleman and Kyle Sefic are running

for the District 2 seat on the County Council

● Other candidates may decide to run for seats in Congressional Districts 6 and 8

For more information, contact Tony Celin, [email protected], chair of the LD 17 “Get Out the Vote” organization.