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Posted: July 19, 2017 at 7:45 am   /   by   /   comments (0)
July 17 2017         [email protected] or 301.908.8082

 Rockville, MD –  Rather than focus on real concerns of Montgomery County residents who have children attending public schools alongside MS13 members, Councilmember and Chairman of the County’s Education Committee Craig Rice is wasting his time and your tax dollars to push for legislation to prevent circus animals from coming into the county.  The hearing on this bill is scheduled for tomorrow.

Dick Jurgena, Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party (MCGOP), voiced dismay, “The voters are tired of silly bills pushed by the County Council to solve non-existent problems.  This is a perfect example of why voters passed Term Limits for all county elected officials by a whopping 70%. Chairman Rice and his fellow Councilmembers should be embarrassed for holding a hearing on circus animals.”

Another member of the MCGOP Central Committee, Bill Richbourg, had this tongue-in-cheek comment, “This is critical legislation. I am tired of all the damn lions and tigers running around the county!”

The other Councilmember who introduced “the circus animal protection bill” is none other than Councilmember George Leventhal, candidate for County Executive, who was joined by six other Council members.  Good to know that circus animals are one of their leading concerns.  Nancy Floreen was only Councilmember not listed as a bill sponsor.

The real circus is the current County Council.  Let’s end their performance and vote in new county leaders in 2018.  “We need elected leaders who are in touch with real concerns of county residents: declining quality of schools, gang violence, snarled traffic, excessive spending and debt. Circus animals are certainly not a priority” said Ann Hingston, 2nd Vice Chairman of MCGOP.

The Montgomery County Republican Central Committee (MCGOP) is the official county party organization whose elected members represent more than 131,000 registered Republicans in Montgomery County, Maryland. For more information on MCGOP go to: or