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Montgomery County Asian Americans Take a Stand

Posted: July 21, 2017 at 8:59 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)
July 20, 2017         [email protected] or 301.908.8082

Rockville, MD –There’s a time for talk and a time for action – so when the issue of sanctuary cities and states emerged as a hot issue in 2017, it ignited the passions and patriotism of a group of Asian-Americans, who knew it was time to stand up and fight the status quo.

When a bill was introduced which would have made Maryland a sanctuary state, members of the Asian American contingent in Montgomery County, Howard County, and Baltimore County – nearly 40 witnesses and 35 legal Asian American immigrants – stayed until after midnight to testify at the hearings.

The bill did not pass, and afterward they formed a group called the MCGOP – Asian American Association dedicated to the following goals:

  • Promote conservative values
  • Identify and unite committed Asian American Republicans
  • Expand GOP membership by identifying and recruiting more Asian American voters
  • Educate and lead Asian American voters to make their voices heard by being more
    actively involved in politics at all levels
  • Boost Asian American voter turnout and make their votes count

MCGOP chairman Dick Jurgena praised the group’s fortitude and tenacity, saying that “their strong support for term limits followed by their opposition to the state sanctuary bill and the formation of a Republican organization aimed at identifying and unifying Republican Asian Americans in MoCo speaks volumes about how the political climate is changing in Montgomery County.”

MCGOP AAA President Shawn Nie explained that “we organized like-minded conservative Asian Americans in Montgomery County to vote Republican in the 2016 election because we saw the country going in the wrong direction.”  “Moving forward,” MCGOP AAA board member Zailu Gao said “We want new leadership at the County Council, on MCPS School Board and in the Maryland General Assembly; leadership that values legal immigration and not sanctuary policies, where tax dollars are spent wisely and where MCPS policies rely on merit (not other gimmicks) and apply one standard for all students regardless their skin colors for acceptance to MCPS gifted/magnet programs.”  “I would like to see the checks and balances in Montgomery County,” noted Yin Zheng, another MCGOP AAA board member.

For more information about this group, please contact Shawn Nie at [email protected].

The Montgomery County Republican Central Committee (MCGOP) is the official county party organization whose elected members represent more than 131,000 registered Republicans in Montgomery County, Maryland. For more information on MCGOP go to: or