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An Uprising, not an Upset

Posted: August 11, 2017 at 7:04 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Jerry Cave

If John McCain had not stopped the repeal of Obamacare, another GOP sacrificial scam would
have been pushed forward to maintain the Elected Elite’s Status No to the wishes of the people
who elected Republicans to control in Washington and two-thirds of the states. We want our
country back — back from the elected elites who only appeared to be winners after Election Day.
The fact that Donald Trump has had the effrontery to actually live up to his promises has caused
certain Republicans to join hands with Democrats in bipartisan attempts in Congress and behind
the scenes to stop him — to stop what he has promised to us — all of us.
The Deep State leakers have tried to sink the president and his agenda, hoping to re-install some
form of the Bush-Clinton monarchy, regardless of the damage this would do to our country.
That’s why the GOP apparatchiks have kept many of the Trump loyalists out of the
administration. Meanwhile, they are funneling friends of theirs and friends of Bush into positions
to sabotage and slow-walk the president’s agenda, buying time for Mueller to find a way to move
Trump out of the White House. People from the Maryland GOP are at the heart of this scandal.
Only one Trump campaign supporter from Maryland is currently in the Trump administration
while several friends of someone else are on board in their stead. That is not wise. nor is it an
However, it appears that in some circles Trump’s unwavering pursuit of American greatness is
unforgivable. After all, he not only defeated the status quo, but has promised to “Just Say No” to
all the damage that the elected elites from both parties have initiated and perpetuated over the
past 30 years.
The GOP is incredibly blind to the fact that the resumption of the Democrats’ march to the
extreme left and infusion of illegal aliens into the voter’s booth will turn Texas and Florida into
California-style Democrat Party strangleholds. After all, those two states represent 25% of the
270 Electoral College votes needed to win future White House races. The game will be over
forever, save for revolt.
Trump won the race that only he could have won by promising to rebuild America’s working
class. His success in doing this will turn the rust belt into the recovery belt and remake it to be as
reliably Republican on Election Day as the New South.
After nearly 400 years in Maryland and over 130 in Montgomery County, my family is leaving
the once-Free State. My children will never return, so there is no reason for me to stay. They
abhor the theft of their money, liberty and dignity at the hands of the ultra-liberal Democrats. I
go to join them — family first.
In my time with the GOP, I have been most concerned with the selfishness of elected
Republicans and the arrogance of their political consultants. Outsiders like Larry Hogan and
Donald Trump proved them wrong by becoming governor of Maryland and president of the
United States, against what seemed to be insurmountable odds.
My sole political success and satisfaction was being among the first and loudest to predict and
promote Trump’s triumph by reaching more than 2 million voters a month via Trump
Montgomery, Maryland for Trump and other Facebook pages.
In 2010, my own campaign raised money, media and volunteers, but not enough votes in a
district so gerrymandered that no Republican could ever win. In 2016, I finally played what felt
like a significant role when two men finally took this gregarious Irish-American seriously, Mike
Higgs and Dwight Patel.
This is not a rant – It’s a warning. Ignore it at the peril of our children’s future. Either Donald
Trump succeeds or America and the GOP are doomed. If Trump is thwarted, it will be due to an
inside job by Republicans. But if that comes to pass, the voters who elected him in 2016 will
make it clear that his victory was an uprising, not an upset. If Trump is removed from power,
denying the will of the voters, it could lead to an insurrection.
I had an ancestor at Yorktown and another one at Appomattox. Twice should be enough.
This article was originally published by Accuracy in Media.
Jerry Cave