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MC Resident Responds to Statement by MC Councilmember Marc Elrich on Deportation of Claros-Saravia Brothers

Posted: August 11, 2017 at 7:14 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Dear Councilmember Elrich:
I would like to provide a response to the Press Release you released on August 7th. As a resident of
Montgomery County I find that your attention to matters such as this are what is wasting the public’s
resources. The matter on these individuals entry and subsequent exit from the United States is well
documented and clear. As it was reported in the Washington Post:
“The brothers, who were detained by immigration officers when they arrived in the United States​,
were issued final removal orders by an immigration judge in November 2012​, but were released
pursuant to an order of supervision, ICE spokesman Matthew Bourke said.
They were both granted a stay of removal in 2013​. But their two subsequent applications for stays
were denied​. Since 2016​, Bourke said, ICE deportation officers have instructed the brothers to
purchase tickets for departure.”
​So let’s be clear here. They entered the country illegally, were issued a deportation order by an
immigration judge in 2012, had two appeals denied by a an immigration judge and were told in 2016 to
purchase tickets for departure… This was not a surprise, they were not swept up in some dragnet
executed by the feds, this was an orderly lawful process carried out with their full knowledge and their
non-compliance with the law. The Post goes on to highlight the following:
Louisburg men’s soccer coach Martin Dell, who recruited Claros Saravia, said he ​was not aware of the
young man’s immigration status​.​ “We don’t fully understand the situation, but we’re hoping it’ll work
out,” he said in a phone interview.
So, we are left to conclude that this Coach was at a minimum deceived on the issue of his immigration
status and at worst lied to by this illegal alien regarding his status and ability to remain in the United and
accept the good will of the college in granting him a scholarship.
Councilmember Elrich I am surprised that you as a member of the Montgomery County Council cannot
tell the difference between the enforcement of the law and your contention that the enforcement of
the law is driven by an agenda of “hate”. If you are looking to score political points with the residents of
Montgomery County you are not doing a very good job. As you have stated: “As Chair of the Council’s
Public Safety Committee, I know that our county, and other jurisdictions around the country, have
worked hard to build trust between local government and the immigrant community​”. I am sure that
what you have stated here is true. What you fail to mention is that what you intended to say was…

“build trust between local government and the ​illegal​ immigrant community​… and that Council
Member is a misguided policy.​ That trust needs to reflected in the legal immigrant community​ through
adherence to and enforcement of the law and if you are here illegally you can expect that the law will be
applied equally and without passion, hate or racism. It’s the law!
After all if we chose not to obey these laws then why should we obey the speed limit, pay our county
taxes, not openly carry firearms; we don’t because it is against the law to do so. As citizens we cannot
pick and choose which laws to obey and which not to obey. “It’s hard to think of something worse that
ICE could have done… ​but in fact there is and; that would have been to ignore these illegals who were
properly ordered to leave the country in 2016 and chose not to obey the law. Enforcement of the law is
never wrong,​ ​even when it might appear to be. If the law itself is wrong then use the process to change
the law… but it cannot simply be ignored. In this case the process worked, they were told to leave, they
did not leave and so they were deported.
Should they choose to request immigration status to return to the US through the proper legal channels
they should be granted the opportunity to come here and pursue their dreams… legally. Finally, stop
the sob story about how you are a 2d generation immigrant to this country… we all have an immigration
story unless you are a Native American. The difference has to do with legal vs. illegal entry into the
country nothing more and nothing less. A million people a year are granted permission to immigrate to
the United States and to the best of my knowledge ICE has not departed a single one of them. The
matter could not be clearer.
So Council Member with all due respect back to work doing the people’s business and stop pontificating
on matters that you cannot control and do not affect the lives of County residents beyond a salacious
Marc King
Germantown, MD