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Au Revoir, Maryland

Posted: August 13, 2017 at 7:54 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Jerry Cave

Everything that God made, He made a little better in Maryland.
The beaches, the rivers, the fields and the mountains, but mostly the people. Everything that
man made, Democrats have made a little less, if not a lot less, in our once-Free State. In fact,
the state has been hollowed out economically, except for the Federal Government largesse
spilling out of the District of Columbia.
Light and heavy industry are gone and have not been replaced in Western Maryland.
Baltimore has enough abandoned row houses to solve the nation’s homeless problem. The
murder rate is so high in forever Democrat Party controlled Charm City that it is now called
Harm City. Maryland’s lax enforcement of its laws attracts wage-depressing illegal
immigration, while our tax policy repels job-creating businesses. Marriott had to be bribed to
stay in Bethesda. The rest of us get to pay the piper.
My children are smarter than their father. They left and will never return. They refuse to
surrender their money, liberty and dignity to the ultra left wing liberals in Montgomery County
who have overtaxed our purchases and the bags they come in. My family came to Maryland on
the Ark and the Dove in 1632 and we’re leaving on trucks from Town & Country movers in
It’s been a good run. Some people have asked, why would you move to chaotic and comical
New Orleans? The answer is, we prefer chaos to communism. I leave behind a lot of friends
who I hope to still see when I come back to visit clients and family.
I also leave behind some advice that will probably go unheeded.
Governor Larry Hogan is the 2nd smartest politician in America. He is making one mistake by
criticizing the smartest politician, Donald Trump. Tell my governor that Cave recommends,
“He needs to run for office as if Donald Trump is the man who never was.”
Hogan will find no profit in criticizing Trump, but the loss of his supporters will add his name
to the sad list of one-term Maryland Republican governors. The election results in 2018 will be
determined by voter turnout. The Democrats will turn out the vote in this existential midterm

election and Gov. Hogan will need every vote to win. This will not be 2014 revisited. It will be
all-out, total war. It will require hearts and minds even more than money.
They’re not so far apart, these two … both Trump and Hogan ran the same campaign. Their
styles were very different but the situations, strategies and tactics were identical.
Both ran as savvy, successful businessmen who had never held elected office before, were
extremely knowledgeable about politics, running on primarily pocketbook issues of job
creation and employment repatriation, facing unpopular identity candidates without a message,
starting their campaigns on social media (Hogan – Facebook, Trump – Twitter) and taking
advantage of running when Barack Obama was not on the ballot to turn out the Democratic
vote. They didn’t use paid TV and confounded the experts by winning elections that the
media and arrogant experts told them they would lose by a landslide.
While the Maryland crab and New York lobster do not need to be friends, they should not be
fighting each other. They have enough enemies.
To my critics in the GOP who say I was not serious enough, let me tell you that the Democrats
do not agree with you. They hated to debate me and hated it even more that I was reaching
over 2 million voters a month on social media for Trump in 2016, as a lone wolf with a sharp
bite. No one else in the Maryland GOP did so much with so little.
Please look us up in New Orleans, and we’ll stay in touch on Facebook.
As they say in New Orleans, the city that care forgot,
Laissez le bon temps rouler!
Let the good times roll.
Au revoir . . .
Jerry Cave

Jerry Cave
240-832-9423 (cell)
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