Amie Hoeber Receives Inaugural Award on Behalf of Virginia Morlock Pioneering Women in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Industry

Amie Hoeber, a candidate for Maryland’s 6th Congressional district, who is also a national security expert, business leader and women’s advocate, was recently the inaugural recipient of the Virginia Morlock Pioneering Women in NBC (PWIN) Memorial Award. Amie is the founder and owner of AMH Consulting, a well-respected small business that advises the Federal government and private industry on national security, technology, and defense-related environmental cleanup.

The PWIN award was presented to Amie at the annual dinner of the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Industry Group on May 17 where NBC IG announced the establishment of   the  award to honor pioneering women  and  female  role  models  who  have  made   significant contributions  in the chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE)/NBC field by blazing a path for others and/or developing technologies, approaches, partnerships, and/or relationships that have made a significant impact on our nation’s defense.

The award is named after the late Virginia Morlock, one of the founding members of the NBC IG and the only person twice elected to serve as chair of the organization. The award honors her legacy and provides recognition for all she did for the organization as well as for women within the CBRNE defense community.  Virginia Morlock and Amie Hoeber were co-founders of a Washington DC-based networking organization for women, called CLONE (standing for Chemical Ladies Only Networking Events) with more than 250 members from Government, Academia and Industry.

The NBC IG is an association of more than 100 companies in the NBC defense community whose purpose is to inform and educate the general public as well as federal, state and local governments on NBC defense matters relating to combating WMD, combating terrorism, and homeland security; to advance the development of NBC defense capabilities that enable the U.S. Armed Forces to carry out their global and domestic responsibilities; and to advance the development of NBC defense capabilities that enable federal, state and local governments to protect U.S. citizens and critical infrastructure from, and to respond to, the effects of terrorist CBRN incidents.

Throughout her career, Amie has advocated for the advancement of women in business, politics, and the military. While serving as Deputy Under Secretary of the Army under President Reagan, Amie also worked tirelessly to strengthen America’s defense and national security. She oversaw the Army’s research and development programs and managed the environmental cleanup of decommissioned bases.  Amie also led the Pentagon’s efforts to protect our troops from chemical and other unconventional weapons and to destroy the existing U.S. stockpile of chemical materials.

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