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Saturday, September 9, 2017

What is Candidate Palooza?

Candidate Palooza is a gathering of campaign experts and potential candidates at MCGOP HQ on September 9, 2017 at 10:00 am, and as always breakfast will be provided. This event is for all of you
potential candidates who want to help Governor Hogan during his second term by being one of the new members of the House of Delegates or State Senate in Annapolis. You will be a vote that the governor can count on. Or, if you want to run for County Council or County Executive or statewide office such as Comptroller or Attorney General, you are encouraged to attend. Even if there’s a 1% possibility that you will run for office, you should definitely attend Candidate Palooza!!!

Topics Covered

● Should you run for office or not?
● How to file for office
● Developing a Campaign plan
● How to develop a campaign message
● Developing a donor list
● Setting up your first event


10:00 am             Welcome Breakfast with Delegate Neil Parrott

11:00 am             Should you Run for Elected Office or Not?

  • Dwight Patel

11:30 am             Filing for office 

  • Jim Shalleck

12:00 pm             Working Lunch with Campaign Veteran Strategist on Developing Campaign Plan 

  • Mark Uncapher

1:30 pm               How to come up with first Donor List

  • Al Mendelsohn, Fundraising Professional

2:30 pm               Q & A with Expert Panel Running for Office

  • Kory Boone, Phil Bell, & Dwight Patel 

3:30 pm               Past Candidate Retrospective

4:00 pm               Campaign Technologies

Ryan Gniadek, Dwight Patel & Marcus Alzona

4:30 pm                Adjourn