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2017 Convention Registration


Montgomery County Republican Party
County Convention 2017

Looking Forward 2018 & Beyond

Tenative Schedule

8:00 am Registration Open

8:30 am VIP Breakfast with
Anne Arundel County Executive, Steve Schuh

9:30 am District Caucuses/District Pictures Rear of Room

10:05 am Prayer Kory Boone, MDYR Chairman

10:07 am Pledge of Allegiance =

10:15 am Chairman Gavels Convention Open

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Invited Speakers

Keynote Speaker
County Executive Steve Schuh
Anne Arundel County <bio>

House Update

Delegate Neil Parrott
House of Delegates LD-2a <bio>

Senate Update

Senator Micahel Hough
State Senate District LD-4 <bio>

Looking forward 2018 Elections

Delegate Kathy Szeliga
House of Delegates LD-7<bio>

VIP Lunch Speaker

Tom Fitton, President
Judicial Watch <bio>

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Register Breakfast and Lunch  Click Here to Register

Breakfast with Anne Arundel County Executive, Steve Schuh
Lunch with Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton 

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