Ed Amatetti’s Energetic Campaign for County Council District 2 is on the Home Stretch

ROCKVILLE, MD — October 22, 2018   Ed Amatetti’s campaign for a seat on the Montgomery County Council is focused on voters who are not accustomed to voting Republican, while simultaneously targeting Republicans likely to vote, and becoming engaged with others, including Democrats.

His campaign manager Dick Jurgena reports that “Ed’s wide-ranging experience strengthens his campaign in four relevant areas: (1) business and finance; (2) local government operations; (3) K-12 education, as a classroom teacher and in education reform; and (4) significant grassroots and campaign experience.”

One advantage for Amatetti is the fact that for many years, he has been working closely with Democrats and other “non-Republicans” on a non-political, but civics, level -- as a board member of the Montgomery County Taxpayers League and MD Taxpayers Association, and also with the county’s Civics Federation and other groups.

At the core of Ed’s message is his desire to give ordinary residents a stronger voice throughout Montgomery County, something which he believes has been in decline for many years.

As soon as he wins a seat on the County Council in District 2, Amatetti will start focusing on the following objectives:

  • Conduct a line-by-line review and economic impact analysis of existing business regulations, benchmarked against other jurisdictions
  • Conduct a line-by-line review of business taxes and fees w/objective to reduce unjustified taxes and fees, and publish the results
  • Roll back employee/labor, and other mandates, taxes, and business fees that hinder growth based on the above analyses
  • Streamline the permitting and development processes
  • Institute COST CONTROLS throughout County government, including:
    • Stringent guidelines for quantifying the costs/benefits of major policies and project
    • Regular independent performance reviews of departments
    • Auditing of environmental and other compliance costs that are significantly adding to costs https://www.edamatetti.com/issues

Among the chief concerns of local residents are development projects that have been put into motion with no community input, a feeling of less safety in neighborhoods, and dramatic declines in public schools during the last decade, particularly in areas such as Germantown and Montgomery Village. “In one small lower-middle class enclave, declines in the local public school forced three families to home school their children and four others to use their modest resources to send their children to private schools,” Ed says. “With their limited means, they wonder why they have to do this.”

In an effort to combat these issues and "put his actions where his mouth is," Ed is continuing to take his campaign directly to the voters by meeting them where they live and work, at their homes and in their neighborhoods. He sponsors regular “Neighborhood Meet and Greet” events to provide voter registration forms to adults and popsicles for children and engages in conversations with local families and individuals about the issues that matter most to them - such as how to fix their schools, strategies to close the achievement gap in Maryland and addressing the surging amounts of gang activity throughout the county.

He also discusses the need to promote business growth to make Montgomery County more affordable and lower property taxes that have become a massive burden on residents, forcing many, such as seniors, young adults, and middle-class workers to leave when they can no longer afford the area’s high cost of living.

“Ed Amatetti is an ideal candidate for Montgomery County Council,” said Dick Jurgena, Manager of The Ed Amatetti Campaign “Not only has he shown himself to be a tireless warrior for local residents and their issues, but he has never hesitated to roll up his sleeves and sit down with people to talk to them personally and directly. We need a positive, dynamic force for Montgomery County as well as a someone who will be fiscally responsible with our tax dollars, and Ed Amatetti is a great champion for both.”

About Ed Amatetti for Montgomery County Council

Ed Amatetti was born in Brooklyn New York, and has been a resident of Montgomery County for more than 30 years. He and his wife, Sharon, have a son and a daughter who both graduated from Montgomery County public schools. For more information about Ed Amatetti and his campaign, please visit https://www.edamatetti.com.  


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