Friday, September 13th was an Unlucky Day for Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich and the County Council

By Brad Botwin, Director,

For MC Executive Marc Elrich and the nine current members of the Montgomery County Council, Friday, September 13th was truly an unlucky day. Why? Because more than 250+ concerned citizens and legal immigrants converged on the County Council Building in downtown Rockville to let our elected officials know that public safety and enforcing the law are priorities, and that the security of our children, families and neighbors are priorities.

The recent council-granted sanctuary status for criminal illegal aliens in Montgomery County must end now; the seemingly endless string of rapes of young girls from 6 to 16 years of age by these illegals, clearly enjoying their sanctuary from federal and local law enforcement, must end now! 

Believe me, we were heard loud and clear as Elrich and his nine cronies were camped out across the street, soaking up the rants of radical anti-citizen groups like CASA of Maryland (and their trademark busload of illegal aliens protesters), Jews United for Justice, and their fellow neo-Confederate compadres.

As an organizer and co-sponsor of the Rockville rally, even I was stunned by the vast number of concerned citizens from across Montgomery County who took time off from work and other matters to join our cause.  The media and press were out in large numbers as well, since the MC sanctuary child rape travesty continues to make national news.

Joining our local speakers and activists were a number of well-known national leaders, who spoke out on the issue of illegal immigration:

  • Michelle Malkin, blogger, columnist and author (“Open Borders Inc.: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction?”)
  • Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch (JW recently filed a FOIA request with MC to request the details about this dangerous sanctuary policy)
  • Sebastian Gorka, former Deputy Assistant to the President, Fox News contributor and radio host

Our event emcee, WMAL’s Larry O’Connor, did an amazing job keeping our rally on target and organized, while at the same time lobbing pointed criticisms across the way to our elected officials and their radical supporters, who were defending the rights of illegal alien rapists and criminals.

Not one American flag was seen on the opposite side of the street from our rally. Elrich and the Council obviously did not want to insult their supporters by carrying an American flag.

Our speakers asked Elrich and the Council again and again to come and join our rally and defend their so-called “Promoting Community Trust” Sanctuary Executive Order (July 2019) to the citizens of the county.  They refused and instead called us out as xenophobes and neo-Nazis to the media and others present.

Maybe if Executive Elrich came across the street to greet and debate us he would not dismiss outright the concerns of county citizens.  Next time . . . and yes there will be a next time, as our elected officials have been put on notice.  Montgomery County can no longer be a sanctuary county. 

Local law enforcement must be allowed to work with federal ICE agents to remove criminal illegal aliens from our streets.  Public safety is the priority. 

Remember, the rights of citizens always Trump the rights of illegal aliens. Join us as we fight to take back our county.  Keep the Faith. See you at our next event!


Montgomery County Republican Party