How to Say “Thank You”

According to the National World War II Museum, “Nearly 160,000 Allied troops landed on D-Day, major forces from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and 12 other Allied nations. Some 23,400 airborne troops jumped into Normandy from 822 aircraft and gliders. Over 34,000 Americans came ashore at Omaha alone on June 6.” “The Allies suffered over 10,300 total casualties (killed, wounded, or missing), of which approximately 2,400 were on Omaha Beach.”

Today, many Americans don't know about D-Day, what it was and why it was needed. The sad truth is that many in our younger generations were never taught about the many wars in which Americans fought and died for their country. They have no idea why these wars were fought or what the military men and women - and their families - endured to fight in these wars.

But there are enough of us who do know. And we can make a difference. Here are some of the things that you can do to say “thank you” to those who sacrificed for our country.

  1. Vote for candidates who respect you and your God-given freedoms.
  2. Encourage others to vote. Ask them to Bank their Vote so that even if they cannot vote on Election Day, their vote will be counted.
  3. Door Knock to Get Out The Vote. This is vital to getting candidates elected.
  4. Work at the polls. Volunteer to be an Election Judge or Poll Watcher.
  5. Volunteer to help and donate to your favorite candidates. Here are the websites for the 2024 Republican candidates.
  6. Fly the American
  7. Pray that our country will continue to be what President Lincoln called, “the last best hope of earth.”


Thank you, and God Bless America!

Dennis Melby, MCGOP Chairman

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