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Upcoming hearings for this week. For future hearings, look at bill tracking status. Look out for “Calls to Action” on specific bills – please at that time, try to email or testify, or call.: if you care about gas prices; legislative redistricting; the rain tax, please see below for hearings this week.  Particularly bills with “*”

House Rules and Executive Nominations Committee 3/2/15 @1:00 pm

HB  267: To alter Legislative and Congressional Districting Standards and Processes (Del. Afazali)

HB 427 – Voters’ Legislative Districting Panel Establishment an individual must meet to be entered into the lottery; requiring the Panel to prepare a specified legislative districting plan.

HB 428: Voters’ Congressional Districting Panel Establishment (see above)

HB 610: Elections – Study Commission on the Redistricting process in Maryland.

HB 850: Congressional Districts –Standards and Process:

HB 906 – Legislative and Congressional  Districting Standards and Processes:

HB 921: House Legislative Districts – Single member.  Amend the Constitution to decrease number of delegates.

HJ 0001: Number of terms of United States Supreme Court Justices.

*HJ 002: United States Constitution Amendments Convention and Democracy Amendment: affirms every citizen’s freedom to vote and restores free and fair elections.

House Ways and Means Committee 3/3/[email protected]:00 pm

HB 726: Sales and Use Tax – online Sales presumption.

HN 730 – Maryland Estate Tax – Unified Credit

HB 964- Sales and Use tax for snack foods

House Ways and Means Committee @1:00 3/4/15

HB 485: Election Law – fair Campaign Financing Fund, Income Tax Checkoff

HB573; Fair Elections Act- reforming public finances of campaigns of governor and Lt Governor.  Participating ticket ma accept private contractions and any matching funds disbursed by the state board are based on eligible contribution.s

HB 595: Special Elections for United States Senate Vacancies:Altering the process for filling a vacancy in the US – appealing the authority of the Governor to make an appointment under special circumstances.

**HB 604; General Assembly – Special Election

**HB 806: General Assembly Vacancies – special elections.

HB 1085 – Income Tax subtraction modification qualified Maryland Toll Expenses (EZ Pass)

House Ways and Means Committee at 1:00 @ 3/5/15

HB 297:  Altered definition of  Unaccompanied homeless youth for purposes of higher education.

HB 1079: Education – Maintenance of Effort Requirement Alterations –removes requirement that maintenance of effort (MOE) amount increase by a specified amount .

House Ways and Means Committeee @  1:00 pm on 3/6/15

*HB 174: Motor Fuel Tax Rates Consumer Price Index adjustment- repeal

**HB 483 – Motorist Fuel Tax Relief – CPI and Sales Use

HB 663- Business Relief and Tax Fairness Act of 2015 :State Department of Assets and Taxation would be prohibited from imposing a fee for the filing of specified documents by corporations or business entities with 10 or fewer employees.

**HB 774: Motor Fuel Tax Rates – CPI repeal.

House Committee on Environment and Transportation @1:00 3/4/15

*HB 481 companion SB 588) – Repeal Stormwater Management Watershed Protection. ( see call for action).

* HB 874: Storm Water Management – repeal program

House Environment an Transportation Committee @1:00 3/6/15

*HB 837: – Transportation – motor fuel tax and highway user revenue – increased local share.

HB 899: Motor Fuel Tax – Distribution of Revenue – local governments. –allocating specified fuel tax to a specified account that is shared with local governments.

HB 1003: Motor Fuel Tax – Distribution of revenue-sending fuel tax revenue back to counties, etc.

House Government Operations 3/3/15 @1:00 pm

HB 601: Medical Marijuana – 30 day supply – adequacy and possession.  Doctor’s note needed for supply greater than 30 days,

House Government Operations Committee @ 1:00pm on 3/4/15

*HB 759: Health Insurance –Small Employer Health Benefit plan premium subsidy program – repeal

House Economic Matters @1:00 3/3/15

*HB 882: Maryland Worker’s Fairness Act: requiring an employer to use hiring preference for a U>S Citizen as opposed to someone who has applied for deportation relief.

Senate Legislation

Education Health and Environmental Affairs @1:00 pm on 3/3/15

SB 29 – Environment – Hydraulic fracturing – prohibitions  – including storing, treating, or disposing of waste water.  Prohibition on engaging in fracking of a well for exploration and production of natural gas.

**SB 588 – Stormwater Management watershed Protection and Restoration Program – repeal.

Education Health and Environmental Affairs @1:00 pm on 3/4/15

**SB 595/HB 486: Public Charter School Expansion and Improvement Act.

Education, Health and Environmental Affairs @ 1:00 pm on 3/5/15

SB 448: Congressional Districts Standards and Processes.

SB 518: Fair Elections Act: would reform the system of public financing for the offices of Governor and Lt. governor.

SB 667; Real Time Transparency: requiring political committee to file a report when receiving over $1000.

Senate Budget and Taxation @1:00 pm on 3/4/15

SB 57/HB 0072: Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act of 2015.

SB 592: Income Tax, subtraction modification – military retirement income.

SB 763 – Tax Amnesty Program-  for delinquent taxpayers from Sept.1, 2015 – Oct. 31, 2015 – under certain conditions.

Senate Budget and Taxation @8:30 am on 3/515

SB 432: Employees and Teachers Pension Systems  combination of service and clarification.

Senate  Committee on [email protected]:00 pm on 3/5/15

SB 424: Labor and Employment, equal pay for equal work.