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Andy Harris Should Not Resign - An Open Letter

Dear Maryland House of Delegates,

I was so sorry to see your name on the letter to Congressman Andrew  Harris calling him to resign.  This correspondence is to let you know how very disappointed I and your other LD 17 constituents are in your decision to call for Congressman Andrew Harris to resign.  We are concerned that your call demonstrates a lack of appreciation for the First Amendment and failure to respect those who have diverse opinions.

Vince DeCain Honored

By Karol Smith

Vince DeCain has a long and distinguished record serving America and the Republican Party. He first became interested in politics when learning about the Presidency of William Howard Taft.

In 1960, Vince was charged with locating headquarters for the Nixon/Lodge campaign in Brooklyn, NY. 

About The MoCo Conservative

There is a clear lack of diversity of thought in the D.C. Metro Area. The advent of technology has made the cancel culture mob even more vengeful as Democrat operatives order their minions and tech soldiers to dig through social media accounts of suspected free thinkers and conservatives.


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