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Joint Statement with Del. Mark Fisher on Democratic Hypocrisy regarding HB 655

For Immediate Release    Reardon Sullivan
March 8th, 2021


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Joint Statement of
Delegate Mark Fisher (R-Calvert County)
and the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee

Rockville, MD -- The Montgomery County Republican Central Committee, on behalf of over 105,000 Montgomery County Republicans, wholeheartedly applauds Delegate Mark Fisher (R-Calvert County) for exposing the hypocrisy of our Democratic elected officials in both Annapolis and on the Montgomery County Council, during the debate over House Bill 655.

March Chairman's Message

I know you’ve had enough snow! On to Springtime. We’re all ready to move forward.

In this newsletter, we say:

Let’s make sure Montgomery County doesn’t go through what Texas did by validating that our energy resources are available winter through summer, affordable for all of us, and not here to serve political agendas. Read in this newsletter about Montgomery County’s far-left climate agenda.

How Rush Limbaugh Influenced the Growth of the GOP

By Deborah Lambert

There’s no doubt about it. Talk radio came into its own during the reign of Rush Limbaugh.

Today, both political parties readily acknowledge that Limbaugh provided major league momentum for the Republican Party’s transformation from 1993 into the Trump era. President Trump himself, who honored Limbaugh with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, came forward with congratulatory comments, noting that the positive words from Rush provided him with the necessary momentum to conquer the crowded field when he ran for president.


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